Top Things to Do in Uchisar (Cappadocia Uchisar)

Nevsehir hosts countless tourists every year with its air balloons, fairy chimneys and more than one historical structure. The town of Uchisar, which is connected to the province of Nevsehir, is among the absolute haunts of tourists coming to Nevsehir with its magnificent nature, fairy chimneys and historical carved structures. The district, whose history dates back to ancient times, gives tourists a dream of Cappadocia with both its food culture and places to visit. We have listed the magnificent places you can visit in Uchisar:

Cappadocia Pigeon Valley (Güvercinlik Vadisi)

Cappadocia pigeon valley, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Cappadocia Region, welcomes thousands of tourists, both domestic and foreign, every year. The valley takes its name from the pigeon breeding in the region and the fact that the farmers, who grow grapes, prefer to live in the hollows of the valley instead of their houses in the town, after discovering that pigeon manure is good for the grapes.

Pigeon manure is also used in churches built in the valley, along with its use for the development of grapes. This fertilizer ensures that the colors of the inscriptions, especially the frescoes, are very strong.

With its magnificent nature, historical structures and pigeons, Guvercinlik Valley welcomes thousands of tourists every year. You can trekking here and have a pleasant time by visiting the historical carved churches and houses.

Pigeon Valley
Pigeon Valley (Güvercinlik Vadisi)
Pigeon Valley
Pigeon Valley (Güvercinlik Vadisi)

Uchisar Castle (Uçhisar Kalesi)

Uchisar Castle is the place where the view of Cappadocia, which offers unique beauties, is seen in the clearest and most beautiful way. Built for both defense and surveillance purposes, the castle welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Uchisar Castle, which is thought to have been built in the Roman or Byzantine Period, takes its name as Uchisar because it was built on the border line of the principalities around it.

To reach the castle, it is necessary to climb more than 100 steps and walk through the long carved tunnels. At the summit, there are more than one remarkable carved jars, carved tombs and a rather large cistern. While the castle was carved, many rooms, churches, shelters and cellars were built. These structures and the unique view of Cappadocia attract the attention of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

Apart from the history of the castle, its construction that is different from other castles and the magnificent view of Cappadocia it offers to the visitors, the two fairy chimneys around it attract attention.

The castle welcomes visitors between 05.00 and 21.00 every day of the week. You can come here before sunrise and watch the sunrise with the magnificent view of Cappadocia, or you can come before sunset and experience a Cappadocia dream by watching the sunset with Cappadocia.

Uchisar Castle
Uchisar Castle (Uçhisar Kalesi)

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