Derinkuyu Underground City – 8 Floors and World’s Largest

Derinkuyu underground city located in Derinkuyu district of Nevsehir has 8 floors. Derinkuyu underground city is the largest underground city in the world. It is approximately 40 km from the Cappadocia tourism region.

Derinkuyu underground city: Although the exact date of construction of the city is not known, it is thought that settlement in the city began in the Proto-Hittite Period. The city was built with the entry and exit points well hidden.

The city, which was found by chance in 1963, was made open to visitors in 1967. Derinkuyu takes its name from 52 water wells located at a depth of approximately 60 to 70 meters. (Turkish Derinkuyu) It means deep well.

This city, where approximately 50 thousand people can live comfortably, covers an area of ​​4 square kilometers. Only 2.5 square kilometers of this area has been opened to visitors after its 8 floors have been cleaned. Only ten percent of the underground city is visited. Access to Derinkuyu underground city is provided by tunnels.

Derinkuyu Underground City Sections

  1. Ground floor: consists of barn, kitchen, winery and living rooms. The reason why these areas are located on the first floor is that it is difficult to transport grapes and animals.
  2. Second floor: It is a continuation of the first floor. The second floor has a stable and places to sit. On this floor, along with these areas, the food storage and the kitchen are located.
  3. Third floor: prominent vents are located on this floor. Another remarkable building on the third floor is the missionary school. On this floor are the cemetery, the church and the confessional area.
  4. Fourth floor: dungeons are located. The settlement begins on this floor, along with the settlement areas, tombs, cisterns and water wells are among the areas on the fourth floor.
  5. Fifth floor: This is directly connected to the third floor. The landing and ventilation areas from the third floor end here.
  6. Sixth floor: There is a long tunnel and five chambers carved around the tunnel.
  7. Seventh floor: The largest area of ​​Derinkuyu Underground City is located. There is a large meeting room, cemetery and church on this floor, which attracts a lot of attention.
  8. Eighth floor: This is the last floor open to visitors. There is a ventilation room on this floor.

Derinkuyu Visiting Hours and Days

Derinkuyu underground city, which is open to visitors seven days a week, opens to visitors from 08:00 in the morning. The museum closing time is 19.00 and the box office closing time is 18.30.

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