Nevsehir Museum – Places to Visit Near Cappadocia

Established in 1967, Nevsehir Museum welcomes its visitors with historical artifacts from many periods. Located in the center of Nevsehir, the museum is approximately 20 km from the Cappadocia tourism region.

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Nevsehir Museum
Nevsehir Museum
Nevsehir Museum
Nevsehir Museum

Nevsehir Museum

Artifacts from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Ages, Iron Age, Hellenistic, Archaic, Mesopotamian, Byzantine and Roman Periods are exhibited. In addition to these works, gold, silver and bronze coins belonging to many different periods are also exhibited.

  • The remains of the Archaic and Hellenistic Periods are black lekythosts, plates, kylix, pyxis and earthenware pots with crater form.
  • The finds from the Roman Period are tear bottles, glasses, beads, bracelets, oil lamps, a goddess head made of marble, and a statue of Apollo.
  • Byzantine Period finds are bracelets made of bronze and glass, materials carved using mother-of-pearl, and bronze relics.
  • The finds from the Prehistoric Period, namely the Mesopotamian and Cyprus Period, are the works delivered to the museum by donation.
  • The coins exhibited in the museum are those belonging to the Greek, Roman and Seljuk Empire Periods.

Visiting Days and Hours

The museum is open to visitors every day. It opens at 08:00 in the morning. The closing time of the museum is 17:00.

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