Best Sunset Spots in Fethiye: A Guide for Nature and Scenery Lovers

Fethiye is a coastal town in the southwest of Turkey, in the province of Mugla. Fethiye’s beaches, which are famous for their magnificent natural beauties, historical riches and especially beautiful sunset views, offer unique experiences to visitors.

Calis beach for sunset in Fethiye

Calis beach, which is close to the center of Fethiye, is famous for its wide sandy beach and beautiful sunset views. You can have a good time watching the sunset at the restaurants by the sea. The beach is among the most frequented places of people both in summer and winter months. In fact, this beach now has regular guests. The beach is also one of the places where vacationers enjoy visiting. The reason for this is that there are wooded areas and picnic areas outside the beach. It is frequently used by the local people for both picnic and swimming.

The beach offers a combination of hotel and apartment options in a concept that appeals to many different cultures and styles. A holiday opportunity awaits you here, accompanied by an extremely clean, clear sea and a magnificent sunset view. It is one of the best beaches in Fethiye.

Oludeniz beach (Ölüdeniz)

Oludeniz, one of the most famous beaches of Fethiye, is famous for its white sands and turquoise waters. Especially the sunsets in Oludeniz make the fascinating atmosphere of the region even more beautiful.

When you approach the sunset time, you can watch this magnificent view by climbing up to one of the high points in Oludeniz beach or its surroundings. As the sun sets, the colors of the sea and sky resemble a painting. While the turquoise sea takes on various colors, it creates a magical atmosphere.

Kidrak bay and beach (Kıdrak Plajı)

Kidrak bay and beach attract attention with their natural and calm atmosphere. At sunset, you can have a pleasant time accompanied by the soothing sounds of the sea and enjoy the view. Watching the sunset at Kidrak bay and beach can also offer a magnificent experience.

The natural structure and sea view of Kidrak bay and beach make the effect of the sunset even more beautiful. Watching the sunset by being positioned on the beach or at a high point of the bay allows you to closely observe the changing of the colors of the sky and the sea.

The natural silence and calmness of Kidrak bay beach makes the sunset more meaningful and impressive. It also offers photographers the opportunity to capture various compositions and color tones.

Gemiler island (Gemiler Adası)

Located in Fethiye Bay, Gemiler island is a popular spot for sunset views. Watching the sunset from the hills on the island gives people unforgettable memories.

Gemiler Island, bearing the traces of the Byzantine period, is one of the most beautiful areas of Fethiye. Gemiler Island is 9 kilometers away from Fethiye. You can easily reach Gemiler Island from Oludeniz and enjoy this unique natural phenomenon.


Fethiye’s Faralya region offers magnificent sunset views from the high hills. It is one of the wonderful places to enjoy the sunset in nature, in a quiet and romantic atmosphere.

Other Details About Faralya

Faralya is also known as Uzunyurt. It is one of the villages of Fethiye district of Mugla. It is 25 kilometers from the center of Fetyiye, 165 kilometers from the center of Mugla, and 10 kilometers from Oludeniz. It is also very close to Butterfly Valley. The area, which is 440 meters above sea level, attracts attention with its unique nature.

Faralya village is a village settlement consisting of three quarters built on steep slopes in the region. That’s why this is seen as a somewhat challenging area. However, the hotels in the region make the trips very easy. Apart from the hotels, there are different accommodation options in this area. Bungalow houses or camping areas can also be preferred. Here some hotels have the concept of yoga. You can also get yoga training by staying in one of these.

Fethiye Faralya, which has a unique place in tourism with its natural beauties, also stands out with its historical ruins. The entire area is protected as a protected area. The village, which is in a position overlooking the Butterfly Valley, has a unique view. You can also check out the details about places to visit and beaches in Fethiye on our website.

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