Top 20 Places to Visit in Fethiye – Tips and Details

Fethiye district of Mugla is one of the best touristic destinations in Turkey. Apart from its beaches and bays, it also attracts the attention of tourists with places to visit and activities to do. It is also one of the preferred places for paragliding in Turkey. Since Fethiye is a touristic place, it also offers many different activities.

You can find many places where you can spend time and vacation in this magnificent place where you can find the most beautiful nature and sea. Everyone has accommodation options according to their economic situation. Especially the clean sea and at the same time its magnificent green nature will fascinate you.

Best Things to Do in Fethiye

You can add color to your holiday and have a more enjoyable holiday by participating in paragliding, underwater diving, safari, trekking, boat tours and water sports activities in Fethiye. The nature of Fethiye is very beautiful and therefore there are many beautiful walking areas. The Lycian Way, which is one of the best walking routes in Turkey, is also included in these walking areas.

Apart from the entertainments organized in the hotels, especially the Fethiye coastline directs the nightlife. There are nightclubs and bars as well as cafes and restaurants on the coastline. Venues such as many discos and bars are open late and are often packed with tourists. There are historical and touristic places you can visit in and around Fethiye. There are also beaches and coves where you can enjoy the sea and the sun.

If you are looking for places to visit outside of Fethiye: There are many places to visit in Antalya’s Kas district, especially the ancient city of Patara. The distance between Kas and Fethiye is about 100 km. A second option is to visit Turkey’s best canyon in Seydikemer: Saklikent canyon. Saklikent canyon is approximately 40 km away from Fethiye. You can go to the canyon by private vehicle, buses or tour companies.

If you are looking for information about places to visit or beaches in Fethiye, you can evaluate the following options.

Karmylassos ruins (Kaya Köy kalıntıları)

Kayakoy: It is approximately 8 km away from Fethiye. It is a historical settlement built on the slope of a hill. Kayakoy from the Greek period: It is one of the places where the Greeks left after the population exchange in 1923 and the Turks began to live. However, after a while, as the Turks left Kayakoy, it was left to its fate.

Kayakoy, which is on the slope of a hill and close to the sea: Apart from its historical structures, it is also appreciated by tourists with its beautiful view. If you are interested in historical buildings, you can visit the ruins of Kayakoy. You can take a walk among the historical buildings and enjoy the view by planning a day trip.

Kaya Village Ruins (Karmylassos)
Karmylassos ruins

Fethiye Ancient Theatre (Fethiye Antik Tiyatrosu)

Is one of the right places for history buffs, as it is one of the most interesting ancient structures in Fethiye and is an area under state protection. This structure, which was unearthed during the studies carried out in 1993, proves that there was a serious settlement in this region in ancient times. You can visit these ruins, which have a magnificent place with a sea view, during the day, as they are located close to Fethiye.

Fethiye Ancient Theater
Fethiye Ancient Theater

Amyntas Rock Tombs (Amintas Kaya Mezarları)

These tombs, which date back to the 4th century BC, may interest you. It is a structure that you cannot find anywhere, especially with its carvings on the mountain and its interesting decorations. You can reach this area, where the tombs of the kings of the Lycian civilization who lived in the region in ancient times, are located, with a 20-minute journey from the center of Fethiye, and then you can visit the Fethiye castle, which is a very short distance away.

Amintas Rock Tombs
Amintas Rock Tombs

Fethiye Museum (Fethiye Arkeoloji Müzesi)

Many artifacts with a history dating back to 3000 BC, which were found in the excavations in the region, are waiting for you in this museum. The museum, which has two indoor halls, also has another section organized as an open-air museum. You can get information about all the artifacts in the museum, which you can visit for free, and get an idea about the history of the region.

Fethiye Archeology Museum
Fethiye Museum

Tlos Ruins (Tlos Ören Yeri)

This ancient city, which contains the ruins of the Lycian period rock tombs, the old amphitheater and the acropolis located on the hill, is one of the most interesting places in Fethiye. This area, where archaeological studies are still continuing, is curious by history buffs. The ruins of Tlos are quite large, you should take time to visit this place. Tlos ruins gets very crowded especially in summer.

the ruins
Tlos ruins

Pinara Antique City (Pınara Antik Kenti)

Is a large ancient city with its baths, theaters and most importantly rock tombs. You should definitely visit this area, which is 20 km away from the center of Fethiye and also sheds light on the history of the region in every sense. 

The most important feature of the ancient city is that it hosts many rock tombs. Hundreds of rock tombs, especially seen on the steep slope of the upper acropolis, draw your attention the moment you step into the ancient city. The ancient city is one of the places that attracts the attention of foreign tourists. Whether you are interested in historical places or not, it is one of the places you will be impressed when you visit.

Pinara Ancient City
Pinara Antique City

Kidrak Beach (Kıdrak Beach)

Is one of the places that you cannot find everywhere, with the deep blue sea in front of you and a lush forest behind you. This beautiful beach, which will impress you with its magnificent nature, is generally quiet as it is not a well-known place. You can feel yourself in Maldives due to its fine pebble beach and turquoise water at the same time. You can rent sun loungers, umbrellas or towels from the facilities on the beach. At the same time, since it is a beach with restaurants and cafes, you will not have a problem with food and beverage supply.

Kıdrak Beach
Kidrak Beach

Blue Lagoon (Ölüdeniz)

located at the very end of Kumburnu beach, this beach can blow your mind with its magnificent nature and oil painting-like appearance. When the blue of the sea and the green of the forest come together, you can think of yourself in heaven. Thanks to the facility located in the area, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. 

It is considered as the best beach of Fethiye and Turkey. You can enjoy the sun and the sea at the beach. The nature around the beach is very beautiful and you can especially prefer walking. You can also participate in many fun and adventurous activities at the beach. You can buy your needs such as food and drink from cafes, restaurants and market-style places on the beach.

Blue Lagoon - Oludeniz
Blue Lagoon

Gemile Bay (Gemile Koyu)

Is one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye. It is one of the most frequented addresses of tour boats, especially due to the fact that it is surrounded by forests on the right and left, and also because of its clean water. When you climb up the hill through the forest, a magnificent view of the bay greets you. It is one of the first options that come to mind when you want to see these beauties up close, get fresh air and watch the view of the sea.

Ship by Mr.
Gemile Bay

Fethiye Boncuklu Bay (Boncuklu Koyu)

This beautiful bay, known for its pebbles and sandy beach, is a few minutes away from the center of Fethiye. You may need to go early as it is usually a crowded beach. It is one of the places where you can have a pleasant time with the cleanliness of the sea and the open sea view. Since the beach in the bay is operated professionally, you can get all kinds of services you need in a quality way.

Boncuklu Bay
Boncuklu Bay

Towered Beach Fethiye (Kuleli Plajı)

Is one of the quietest beaches in Fethiye. There are facilities where you can provide sunbeds and umbrellas. It is located in a position intertwined with nature with its smooth sea and also the rocky hills surrounding the beach. Unlike many beaches, there are separate sections for men and women. There is also a section reserved for families. Since it is one of the most beautiful and well-known bays of Fethiye, you should definitely take time to see this place.

In this Beach
Towered Beach

Aquarium Bay Fethiye (Akvaryum koyu)

If you like swimming, this magnificent bay, where you can go especially with boat tours in the region, is one of the places you will enjoy. Swimming with the fish at a depth of 20 meters and enjoying the magnificent view at the same time will help you to collect unforgettable memories. For this reason, it is one of the most important places to see when you go to Fethiye.

Aquarium Cove
Aquarium Bay

Butterfly Valley Fethiye (Kelebekler Vadisi)

You can be amazed by this magnificent natural beauty that can only be reached by boat. Resembling a hidden paradise between huge rocky mountains, this beach has a worldwide reputation. Every year, people from all over the world come to see this beach because it has a unique view in the world. There are places where you can rent sunbeds or umbrellas on the beach, as well as cafes for your food and beverage needs. 

butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley

Calis Beach Fethiye (Çalış Plajı)

It is a magnificent beach where you can enjoy the sea during the day and swim to the fullest, and walk and wander in the evenings. You can spend a pleasant time on this beautiful beach, which has immaculate water, by getting all kinds of services. Thanks to the restaurants and other social areas along the beach, you can meet your food and beverage needs, while at the same time you can have fun at the entertainment venues that appeal to different tastes.

Calis Beach
Calis Beach

Katranci Bay Nature Park (Katrancı Koyu Tabiat Parkı)

If you want to swim in a calm and peaceful place and enjoy the sea, katrancı bay, one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye, is for you. Picnic tables on the beach, the hills covered with magnificent forests surrounding the beach and the landscaping created for you to have a pleasant time will definitely attract your attention. This bay, where all your needs from shower to toilet are considered, is one of the most ideal places especially for family holidays.

katranci cove nature park
katranci bay nature park

Gunluklu Bay (Günlüklü Koyu)

This magnificent bay, which will make you think that you have made the right choice, with its extraordinary nature, will be the perfect choice for you when you want to relax and stay away from the crowd. You can choose this area not only for swimming, but also for nature walks or getting the forest air. It is one of the rare places where you can witness the magnificent harmony of the sea and the forest.

dark diary
Gunluklu Koyu

Inlice Public Beach (inlice Halk Plajı)

All kinds of services you need are available in the beach, which is operated by the municipality of Fethiye. Since it is located in a clean, peaceful and quiet location, you can enjoy the fresh air to the fullest. You can find very nice spots for both swimming and diving. Thanks to its clean sea, you can see the bottom of the sea even in deep places and at the same time, you can observe the fish living in the rocky areas.

İnlice Public Beach
İnlice Public Beach

Fethiye Kordon – Walking and Activity Areas

Which has a magnificent view stretching for 3 to 4 km, can take a walk all day long in this walking area or spend time in the restaurants and cafes along the walk. It will be a great option for you when you want to watch the sunset, especially in the evening, with its clean air and bringing every shade of blue and green to your feet.

fethiye cordon
Fethiye Cordon

Calis Beach Bird Sanctuary (Çalış Plajı Kuş Cenneti)

This beautiful place, which hosts many different bird species in different periods, is always one of the must-see places in Fethiye. It is an extremely quiet and calm place on the edge of the city. It is shown as one of the places you should definitely choose for walking and watching the sunset. You can easily reach this region with a 20-minute drive from Fethiye.

Calis Beach Bird Sanctuary
Calis Beach Bird Sanctuary

Fethiye Coast (Fethiye Sahil)

There are many different options from playgrounds to walking paths, from bike trails to picnic areas. It is also good for families with children. Fethiye coast is especially beautiful in the evening. This magnificent coast, which will help you renew yourself with its clean air and nature, will fascinate you especially with its sunset view. If you want to taste the magnificent air of the Aegean and find peace, this coast is one of the must-see places in Fethiye.

Fethiye Beach
Fethiye coast

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