Mermerli Beach – The Best Beach in the Center of Antalya

Mermerli Beach, located in the center of Antalya, manages to impress both locals and tourists in the best way. It is not known whether it was named after its clean sea or the Mermerli Köşk, which was its neighbor many years ago. The reason we say years ago is because this mansion is no longer there. One of the wonderful details that stands out on Mermerli beach is the cafe and restaurant section. In addition to swimming at the beach, you can have a drink or eat while admiring the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mermerli Beach

Surrounded by high travertines, this beach offers its guests the opportunity to swim in the middle of the city. Mermerli Beach manages to fascinate not only with its beauty, but also with its historical scent, with its marina, city walls and travertine cliffs around it. Although it is a wonderful environment and recreation center for adults, the stony sea and surrounding cliffs may pose some danger for children.

However, due to its location in the gulf, it is in a sheltered environment; Mermerli beach, which is far from waves and sea pollution, will be the best option for families. This beach, whose entrance fee is quite affordable, also allows you to meet your eating and drinking needs without leaving the beach, thanks to the restaurant it has. Mermerli beach has a blue flag, which simply indicates that it is a peaceful, calm and safe environment. So, even if you get bored of the clear and clear sea, you can go to the restaurant section with peace of mind, relax and enjoy the view.

One of the reasons why this beach has become almost the number one address for tourists is that it is close to historical and touristic places in the center of Antalya. It is very close to local restaurants and cafes, boutique and other types of hotels, and historical places. In other words, Mermerli Beach is a beach famous not only for its sea and view, but also for its thousands of years of historical heritage. If you are looking for a beautiful beach in Antalya city center, you can choose Mermerli beach. If you want to stay in Antalya city center, there are very nice boutique hotels in the Kaleici area, within walking distance of the beach.

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