What to Do in Sarigerme, Turkey – Beach, Nature and Activity

Sarigerme is a holiday resort located in the Ortaca district of Mugla. It is famous for its beach of the same name. Apart from its clean beach, it is one of the places that attracts the attention of holidaymakers with its nature. If you want to have a holiday in Sarigerme and are looking for the details, you can read the rest of the article.

Sarigerme Beach

Sarigerme Beach is famous for its turquoise sea and fine, golden sandy beach. It is a frequent destination for tourists and vacationers, usually during the summer months. It offers an ideal environment for sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea and doing water sports. Also, since the beach is surrounded by natural beauty, it is a great option for those who want to go for nature walks or bike rides.

Sarigerme Beach is located very close to Dalaman Airport and therefore attracts tourists especially in summer.

Sarigerme Village, located nearby, offers restaurants, cafes and accommodation options, so visitors can spend their time comfortably here. There are also several options available for those wishing to visit the surrounding natural areas and historical sites.

Boat Trips in Sarigerme

Taking boat tours around Sarigerme or Sarced Beach is one of the best activities for visitors who want to discover the beauties of the region and enjoy the sea.

Dalyan boat tour, boat tours from Sarigerme to Dalyan are very popular. During these tours, you can discover the beauties of the surrounding area as you move on the Dalyan River. You can swim in Iztuzu beach, which is one of the famous beaches of Dalyan. You can also visit the ancient ruins and king tombs in Dalyan.

Visit 12 islands around, You can see nearby islands with boat tours. Gocek is a popular holiday region close to Sarigerme and there are beautiful islands around it. Gocek is famous for its magnificent bays and clear waters. During the boat tour you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and beautiful scenery.

Visit the most beautiful beaches and coves with boat trips. There are many private and secluded coves around Sarigerme. Some boat tours stop at these bays for tourists to swim.

Boat tours in Sarigerme or Dalyan region can be an unforgettable part of your holiday. Tour options offer a wide range to explore the beauties of the region and enjoy the sea. For details and prices of tours, you can get information from local tour operators or from your hotel.

Activities to Do in Sarigerme

Sarigerme is a great destination for its natural beauties and nature activities around it.

You can explore the surrounding beauties by participating in nature walks. Sarigerme and its surroundings have the perfect environment for nature walks. You can take guided or self-driven nature walks to explore the nearby woodlands. You can enjoy stunning views and local vegetation.

You can have a different experience by participating in horse safari tours. You have the opportunity to do horse riding in Sarigerme.

If you are looking for a little fun and adrenaline, you can join Jeep safari tours. With these tours, you can visit the surrounding villages, valleys and forest areas. You can get to know the local culture and nature better.

Sarigerme is one of the places that offers many options for vacationers to have a good time with its beaches and nature.

What to Do in Sarigerme, Turkey - Beach, Nature and Activity - Sarıgerme Ortaca Mugla What to Do in Sarigerme, Turkey - Beach, Nature and Activity - Sarıgerme Ortaca Mugla

Things to Do Near Sarigerme

If you are looking for different places to visit, you can visit Fethiye, which is about 55 km away from Sarigerme. In addition to beautiful beaches, Fethiye also has tourist attractions and entertainment venues.

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