Island to Visit in Marmaris Selimiye – Love Island

Dislice island within the borders of Selimiye in Marmaris: It is a very beautiful island that you can visit by joining the boat tours organized in Marmaris. Dişlice Island is also known as Love Island. There are no settlements on Dişlice Island. In this sense, we can say that it is a natural wonder. You will be amazed by its untouched nature. The island and its surroundings are very clean, so it is liked by many people.

The sea water in and around the island is very clear and clean. Swimming around the island is truly a very different experience. You can go to the top of the island and get amazing photos. You can easily reach the island with boat tours or your personal boat. Be sure to join the boat tours and see this unique beauty.

You can visit Dişlice Island by taking boat tours from Marmaris. You can also see different islands and coves around Marmaris with boat tours.

Selimiye: It is a holiday resort connected to Marmaris. Selimiye used to be just a small fishing town. With its lush nature, natural beauties and deep blue waters, Selimiye is one of the must-see places in Turkey.

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