Calis Beach in Fethiye – Suitable for a Family Beach Holiday

Calis beach (Çalış Plajı), located in Fethiye, one of the most popular areas of Mugla, manages to get full marks from its visitors in every aspect. This beach, which impresses with its location, facilities, sea, bays and view, is often the first choice of families. One of the first reasons for choosing Calis beach is that it is a municipality-owned beach, that is, open to the public and free. Its proximity to the center and the social environments around it make this beach more accessible than most beaches. This clear and clean beach, whose sea is always at high temperature, also hosts many bays. Caretta Caretta turtles, the original inhabitants of the beach, make the beach even more ecological.

Calis Beach for a Beach Holiday

It also wins the appreciation of visitors with its beach view. Calis beach is also famous for its sea that is always warm. In other words, the sea is warm in all seasons, but it is especially windy in summer, which makes this beach even more refreshing and preferable. In addition, sea sports enthusiasts such as windsurfing will not return empty-handed from this beach. Because Calis beach has a very suitable environment and sea for such sports.

Its location close to the center manages to provide its visitors with plenty of opportunities. It provides many accommodation options such as hotels, boutique hotels and rental villas. However, for adventure-seeking tourists and visitors who do not want to choose these types of accommodation, its suitability for camping makes Calis beach the number one choice. It provides the necessary environment for camping due to the bays around it and its size and cleanliness.

Calis beach, which impresses its guests with its sea and view, also serves those who want to sit and relax close to the beach with the restaurants, cafes and pubs around it. After enjoying the sea, you can go to one of the restaurants or cafes to have a drink, cool off or eat. There are pubs for those who prefer alcoholic venues.

Calis beach is a public beach that is completely owned by the municipality and where you can get excellent service without paying any fee. If you want to have a beach holiday in Fethiye, you can add Calis beach to your options. Apart from the beach, you can also have a great time on the coastline.

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