Gocek Beaches – Sailing Charter – Hiking and Activities

Gocek, connected to Fethiye, is one of the touristic places famous for its magnificent natural beauties, magnificent beaches and sea activities. The distance between Gocek and Fethiye is approximately 25 km. It is located approximately 35 km from places such as Dalyan and Köyceğiz.

Top Things to Do in Gocek

Gocek is a famous holiday resort in the Aegean Sea. It is a preferred destination for its blue waters, beautiful beaches, yacht and sailboat trips.

Apart from sailboat rental, there are also boat trips. You can visit beautiful islands such as Göcek islands and Tersane island and swim in the sea at suitable places for swimming in the islands.

Hiking in Gocek

Join nature walks. Gocek’s surroundings are very beautiful with its nature. You can take a nature walk in the areas close to the beaches and bays. These hiking areas have forest and sea views. At the same time, daily hiking tours are organized in the region. Hiking tours are carried out with a guide. If you are a tourist in Turkey and you like nature walks, the best option is to join nature tours.

Beaches and coves in Gocek

There are many beautiful coves and beaches to swim around Gocek. Close to the center of Gocek, there are Lime Beach and Blue Point Beach. These beaches are paid but have everything you need. If you are looking for a more private and beautiful beach, you can visit Inlice public beach, which is 6 km away. Inlice public beach is one of the beaches where you can spend time larger and cheaper than other beaches.

Sailing Charter in Gocek

Gocek is a great place to discover the beauty of the Aegean Sea and you can have an unforgettable experience with a sailboat charter. Gocek is like a meeting point for sailing lovers. You can have a different experience in the calm waters of the Aegean Sea by renting a sailboat. Sailboat rental prices in Gocek vary according to both the season and the size of the sailboat. Generally, it is rented with the Captain who drives the sailboat. Since it is quite expensive to rent a sailboat, I recommend that you do good research and compare prices. For example, the price of a sailboat with the same characteristics and the same size may vary from company to company.

Gocek Beaches - Sailing Charter - Hiking and Activities - Göcek Fethiye Muğla Gocek Beaches - Sailing Charter - Hiking and Activities - Göcek Fethiye Muğla

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