4 Best Beaches in Dalyan – Beaches in Mugla Ortaca

Dalyan is located within the borders of Ortaca district of Mugla and is one of the places famous for its beaches in Turkey. Dalyan is located between Marmaris and Fethiye. The fact that it is not explored much and is not crowded compared to popular holiday resorts makes Dalyan attractive for those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday.

Although it is known as the Aegean Region, Dalyan, which is geographically located in the Mediterranean Region, has a typical Mediterranean climate. Although it is possible to swim easily in the summer and spring months, the best season to visit Dalyan is June and July, which are the spawning season of Caretta Carettas. These months are the busiest and fun times in Dalyan.

Beaches in Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach, where the Dalyan Canal reaches the sea, is one of the most famous beaches not only in Turkey but also in the world. The real host of the beach, which hosts thousands of tourists throughout the year, is the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles. Offering everything expected from a holiday with its Iztuzu Beach, Kaunos Ancient City, mud baths, healing waters and beautiful bays, Dalyan is one of the most ideal places in Turkey to relax and find peace in nature.

To see the unique beauty of Dalyan, you can fly to Dalaman by air and reach there by road or directly from the surrounding cities by bus. Dalyan, which is a destination we can recommend especially for families, is among the places we can recommend to those who are looking for a pleasant holiday place. If you want to enjoy the sea during your time in Dalyan, you can read the details about the best beaches where you can swim in the continuation of our article.

Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach, which is approximately 13 km away from Dalyan, is one of the most famous beaches not only in Turkey but also in the world. The beach, which has a coastline of 5 kilometers, is one of the rare beaches with fresh water on one side and salt water on the other. The beach, which impresses with its golden yellow soft sandy beach, hosts tourists during the day and turns into spawning grounds for Caretta Caretta turtles at night. In order not to disturb the endangered sea creatures, the beach is closed in the early evening and there is no lighting in the surrounding area.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach, which is the continuation of Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan, is one of the places where you can enjoy the sea in a magnificent view. It is a beautiful and comfortable place where you can relieve your tiredness and have a comfortable holiday. Turtle Beach, one of the quietest places in Dalyan, is among the preferred beaches in Dalyan. It is one of the beaches preferred by local and foreign tourists to swim.

Dalyanagzi Beach

Dalyanağzı Beach, located at the farthest point of Iztuzu Beach, can be reached by boat tours. The beach, which is reached after a 45-minute boat ride among the reeds resembling a labyrinth, is preferred because it offers the opportunity to swim in both fresh and salt water.

Ekincik bay and beach

Ekincik Bay beach, which is mostly accessible by boat tours, has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. In this bay where olive groves and pine forests are together, you can lie on the clean beach and enjoy the sun and the sea. It is also possible to have a camping and caravan holiday in this bay, and it is possible to take advantage of the caravan and camping opportunities offered by the municipality by paying a certain fee and spend a peaceful holiday on the Ekincik bay beach.

Things to do in Dalyan

Dalyan: It is one of the places famous for its nature, beaches and places like Kaunos. If you are looking for a beach holiday, there are alternative beaches and coves around, apart from Dalyan beaches. If you are looking for places to visit, you can visit the Kauonos rock tombs and the ancient city of Kaunos. There are also different places to visit in the surrounding area. For example, Koycegiz, Marmaris and Fethiye are some of the nearby places. If you want to do something quiet, you can join boat trips. If you want to relax, you can try mud bath in Dalyan.

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