Kaputas Beach Details You Need to Know

Kaputas Beach, located between Kas and Kalkan, is known as one of the most famous beaches in Antalya. With its eye-catching sea view, it attracts attention as one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Antalya, but also in Turkey. With its stunning turquoise waters and golden sand, Kaputas Beach offers a truly unique experience.

Where is Kaputas Beach?

Kaputas Beach is located between Kas and Kalkan. Located in a central location between these two regions, the beach is approximately 7 kilometers from the center of Kalkan. It is approximately 187 kilometers away from Antalya and approximately 20 kilometers from the center of Kas.

Is Kaputas Beach Wavy?

On Kaputas Beach, which is generally wavy, the waves cover the beach with white foam. The beach, covered with sand and pebbles, does not harm your feet. Even though the sea is wavy, it’s actually quite fun.

Is Kaputas Beach Suitable for Children?

It is quite cool due to the wooded areas around the beach, its clean atmosphere and the sea. Since the beach is wavy and deep, it is not suitable for children or non-swimmers.

Is Kaputas Beach Paid?

Entrance to the beach run by the municipality is free. However, if you want to benefit from services such as sun loungers and umbrellas, you can choose the rental options offered by the municipality.

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