12 Places to Visit in Konyaalti

Places to visit in Antalya Konyaalti. The district of Konyaalti is one of the popular places, where local and foreign tourists come for vacation or sightseeing. Konyaalti attracts people’s attention with its 6 km long beach and walking area. At the same time, Konyaalti district is close to Antalya city center. There are many beautiful places for shopping and sightseeing in the city center of Antalya.

Places to visit in Konyaalti

Konyaalti beach (Konyaaltı Plajları). This beach has a blue flag, it is 6 km long and very beautiful with a walking area close to the beach. The beach is very crowded in summer, and you can see people swimming in the sea in winter. Many areas of the beach are sand and fine gravel, the sea water is very clean, especially if you like to swim in the morning, you can see the stones on the bottom of the water very clearly when you enter the water. In addition, Konyaalti beach is a popular walking and sports area in the morning and evening.

Konyaalti beach - Konyaaltı plajı
Konyaalti beach – Konyaaltı plajı

Konyaalti city square (Kent Meydanı Konyaaltı). Konyaalti city center is located almost in the middle of the coastline. Here you can see many restaurants and cafes in the open area. It is close to the sea and has a very large square and park area. There are very nice cafes under the pine trees in the area like a small pine forest outside the park area. Konyaalti city center gets very crowded especially in the evenings.

konyaalti town square
Konyaalti city square (Kent Meydanı Konyaaltı)

Antalya Aquarium: It has the world’s largest tunnel aquarium feature. There are activities such as aquarium, snow world ice museum, reptiles, Face 2 face museum silicone sculptures of world famous people, Oceanride xd cinema with white sharks, turtles and sea lions and 3D underwater travel. A separate ticket must be purchased for each. Antalya aquarium is about 20 minutes walking distance after Konyaalti city center. Also, this place is at the back of 5M shopping mall, you can visit 5M migros for shopping.

konyaalti aquarium
Antalya aquarium

Konyaalti beach park (Beach Park, Antalya). Antalya is very close to the aquarium. This is a very beautiful wooded area. There are restaurants, cafes, walking areas in the beach park, and the beach is well-maintained here. It is one of the places to be visited by the family at any time of the day. It is one of the beautiful places where you can swim, have a picnic, relax or spend time in cafes and restaurants.

konyaalti beach park
Konyaalti beach park (Beach Park, Antalya)

Konyaalti Kapuz canyon (Kapuz Kanyonu). If you like to travel, you can visit this place. The road to Kapuz canyon is a bit rough. It is beautiful in terms of visuality and you have the chance to have a picnic here. Kapuz canyon, which was not known much before, is one of the places that has attracted the attention of tourists in recent years.

Kapuz canyon
Konyaalti Kapuz canyon (Kapuz Kanyonu)

Konyaalti Doyran pond (Doyran Göleti). The distance between it and Antalya Konyaalti city square is approximately 15 km. This place is in konyaalti akdamlar district. Doyran pond is a green wooded area. It is one of the places that the residents of Antalya know very well, but the local and foreign tourists do not know. Doyran pond is beautiful inside the camping families or group. You can visit this place for cooking kebabs, hiking, relaxing and camping. You need to take food and drink with you when you go here.

doyran pond
Doyran pond (Doyran Göleti)

Konyaalti Tunektepe cable car (Tünektepe Teleferik). The entrance of the cable car is made from the same place as Sarisu beach. After purchasing the ticket, it takes about 10 minutes to reach the summit by cable car. When you reach the summit, you can watch the view of Konyaalti and its surroundings.There is also a cafe and restaurant where you can taste local delicacies accompanied by a view. Tünektepe cable car is popular in Antalya and is one of the places where you can watch Antalya’s most beautiful view.

Tunektepe cable car - Tünektepe teleferik
Tunektepe cable car – Tünektepe teleferik

Alternative Beaches and Picnic Areas

Sarisu beach and picnic area (Sarısu Mesire Alanı). Pedestrian entrance to Sarisu beach is free, but car entrances are chargeable. This is a large pine area suitable for picnics, barbecues and swimming in the sea. Usually families come here for picnics. The beach is big and beautiful. There are cafes and markets in the pine area. You can get all your needs here. There are also ready-made barbecue areas. Another advantage of Sarisu beach is the women’s beach right next to it.This beach is for women and has a well-maintained green space, playground and cafes. Only women can enter during the summer months.

Sarisu beach and picnic area
Sarisu beach and picnic area

Topcam beach and picnic area (Topçam Mesire Alanı). Topcam beach is one of the most beautiful places you can choose for swimming or having a picnic. There are ready-made barbecue areas, some sitting areas have a very nice sea view. Usually those who arrive early in the morning can find a nice place with a nice sea view and close to the beach. There is an entrance fee and you can go by car. There is a market inside, barbecue, coal, drinks etc. you can find.

Topcam beach and picnic area
Topcam beach and picnic area

Konyaalti Small Calticak Beach (Küçük Çaltıcak). Was temporarily closed for the last time. I think it’s being taken care of and this place is also nice for picnics and swimming in the sea. There is an entrance fee. The beach is beautiful and generally quiet. There are tables to relax in the pine area.

little calticak beach
Small calticak beach and picnic area (Küçük Çaltıcak)

Konyaalti Big Calticak Beach (Büyük Çaltıcak). This is a few minutes away from the small calticak beach and barbecue picnics are held here. This is woodland area. The beach is a bit stony but suitable for families. Entry is by car and paid.

Konyaalti Big Calticak Beach
Konyaalti Big Calticak Beach

Konyaalti Kargicak Beach (Kargıcak Günübirlik Kamp Alanı). this is about 5 km from the big calticak beach. It is nice to have a picnic and swim in the sea.

Konyaalti Kargicak Beach
Konyaalti Kargicak Beach

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