7 Places to Visit in Kepez – Parks and Tourist Places

In the Kepez district of Antalya province, there are parks where children and adults can spend time together. Many of these parks have adventurous activities for all ages. Apart from its parks, there are Duden waterfall in Kepez and different places to visit. If you are looking for things to do in Kepez, you can find information in the rest of the article.

  • Duden waterfalls is within the borders of Antalya Kepez and Duden waterfall is one of the best known places in Antalya.
  • Antalya zoo, this is a very large area, you can visit the zoo and there are many beautiful places to relax and have a picnic. It is especially good for barbecue.
  • Kepez municipality urban forest, especially the view, is very beautiful. There are walking, resting, children’s playgrounds, cafes and restaurants here.

Kepez Antalya Places To Visit

Duden Waterfall (Düden Şelalesi). This magnificent waterfall, which is one of the most visited places in the city and fascinates people with its natural beauty, should definitely be at the top of your Kepez Antalya travel lists. This natural beauty, supported by underground rivers and relaxing people with the magnificent sound of water, is visited by people from all over the world. On your trips to the waterfall, you can enjoy not only this region but also the natural beauties of the surrounding area to the fullest.

Duden Waterfall - Düden Şelalesi
Duden Waterfall – Düden Şelalesi

Kepez municipality urban forest (Kepez Belediyesi Kent Ormanı). In a magnificent forest covered with pine trees, you can enjoy both the fresh air and the magnificent view of Antalya. As there are different activity options for people of all ages, both you and your children can have a very enjoyable time. You can spend your whole day in the park, where there are opportunities such as paintball, horse riding, hiking or eating and drinking, as it is spread over a large area.

Especially photography enthusiasts visit here a lot, because the view here is very beautiful.

Kepez municipality urban forest - Kepez Belediyesi Kent Ormanı
Kepez municipality urban forest – Kepez Belediyesi Kent Ormanı

Antalya Zoo (Antalya Hayvanat Bahçesi). The zoo, which has a very large area and houses many different animals, is one of the places visited by families with children in Antalya. The area where the zoo is located is very large. It is very nice for hiking, picnic or relaxing in the hot summer months.

You can go to this beautiful zoo whenever you want, as it has grown continuously since 1989 and offers the opportunity to see animals closely that you cannot see in many places. There are many social areas such as toilets, picnic areas or parking lots in the area. 

Antalyal Zoo
Antalyal Zoo

Park Forest Antalya (Park Orman Antalya). It is a big park that appeals not only to children but also to adults. Due to the fact that many different activities are organized during the day and there are many options especially appealing to children, it is usually one of the most frequented addresses of people on weekends. 

Park Forest Antalya
Park Forest Antalya

Kepez Amusement Park (Kepez Masal Parkı). It is one of the most interesting places in the district. There are many structures made of fairy tale or cartoon characters, especially for children to have a pleasant time. 

Kepez Masal Park
Kepez Fairy Tale Park

Dokumapark: It is one of the most preferred places for those who want to have a pleasant time in the greenery. You can have a good time with your family in this beautiful park with various playgrounds, picnic areas, miniature structures of the best tourist attractions in Turkey and an open-air museum.


Tek Cistern City Park (Tek Sarnıç Kent Parkı). This beautiful park, where you can take a walk, sit and relax, or closely examine the superhero statues that will attract the attention of your children, is one of the parks in Antalya where you can spend a good time with your children. Since it is crowded on weekends, you can have fun in the park by visiting it on weekdays.

single cistern city park
Tek Cistern City Park

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