Sand Dunes Famous Patara Beach and Ancient City

Patara beach in Antalya’s Kas district is appreciated by visitors with its long coastline, sand dunes and ancient city. This beach, which is a favorite of families with children with its shallow sea and fine sand, also manages to please its guests with its historical elements.

Patara Beach and Patara Sand Dunes

Patara beach, sand dunes and the ancient city are located close to each other, you can visit all 3 places by walking. Patara beach is only 1.5 kilometers away from the ancient city. Entrance to the beach is paid and the entrance to the ancient city is also paid. If you want to visit Patara and similar ancient cities and museums in Antalya, you can buy a museum card. You can meet your eating and drinking needs on the beach, and the prices are normal. After enjoying the sea, sand and hot sun, you can visit the ancient city. In the ancient city, theaters and baths are some of the places that attract tourists. Additionally, Patara lighthouse, which attracts the attention of most tourists, is also very close to the beach.

Patara Ancient City Theater
Patara Ancient City Theater

Apart from its historical and cultural beauties, another feature of the beach is the Patara sand dunes. Never return without going to the Patara sand dunes and watching the sunset, which provides a perfect environment especially for photographers or those who are interested in taking photos. In fact, most tourists go to this beach in the evening, especially towards sunset, and do not return without watching and photographing the sunset.

Patara Sand Dunes, whose fame grew after the Ministry of Culture and Tourism named 2020 “Patara Year” due to its fascinating beauty, resembles a desert close to the sea. In addition to its view, natural and unique beauty and proximity to the Ancient City; Patara Sand Dunes also hosts safari tours. Patara Beach, which has a unique view with the combination of the sea and sunset facing directly west, also impresses its guests with its sand dunes.

Patara is located in the Gelemis tourism area in Kas, and you can buy your food and drink needs much cheaper in the center of Gelemis. If the warm and wavy sea, Patara Hills and the ancient city full of history are not enough for you, try sitting at the Patara beach cafe on the coastline and enjoying the fascinating view while drinking a cold drink. You can visit Patara Beach for a day, which will offer you a unique experience, and have a beautiful day.

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