Top 5 Places to Visit Near Belek and Kundu

Serik district of Antalya, this is close to Belek and kundu tourism area. If you are looking for places to visit nearby, details about the top 5 places are in this article. Aspendos ancient city and Aspendos theater are some of the most beautiful historical places to visit in Antalya. You can also visit the Zeytintasi cave, which is located within the borders of Serik district. If you are looking for different places to visit, you can check out the places to visit in Manavgat or Antalya center on our website.

  • Aspendos is 46 km from Antalya and 17 km from Belek tourism area. Zeytintasi Cave is 26 km away from the center of Belek.
  • Belek tourism region is connected to Serik district. Aspendos and Zeytintasi caves are within the borders of Serik.
  • On your trip to Aspendos in Antalya’s Serik district, you can try local delicacies at the restaurants run by the villagers on the way. Some of these restaurants sell homemade olives and olive oil. It is quite delicious.

Places to Visit near Antalya Serik Belek

Aspendos Theater (Aspendos Antik Tiyatro). It is one of Turkey’s most well-known and also the most beautiful preserved ancient structures. Built with ancient Roman architecture, the building still remains of its original state, even though it has survived for hundreds of years. The magnificent building, where various events are still here, is one of the places you must see. Aspendos Theater is one of the most visited historical places by local and foreign tourists.

There are sacred buildings, churches or parts of living spaces that belong to the same period around it. Aspendos Antique Theater is one of the historical buildings visited and liked by local and foreign tourists in Antalya.

Aspendos Ancient Theater
Aspendos Theater

Aspendos Ancient City (Aspendos Antik Kenti). This ancient city, which is still close to the original and contains many buildings from churches to a theater, will definitely attract your attention. You may have to spare a full day to visit this area, which is flocked by people with an interest in history. The surviving columns, arches, sacred monuments and especially the theater, which has survived, will take you back hundreds of years. The ancient city of Aspendos is at the back of the Theatre. You can visit the ancient city by walking for about 2 hour here.

Aspendos Ancient City
Aspendos Ancient City

Aspendos Aqueduct (Aspendos Su Kemeri). This magnificent structure, which impresses people with its magnificent appearance, was built hundreds of years ago to supply water to living spaces. It may surprise you that it has survived to this day, but you should definitely see this structure as it is one of the rare examples of its kind.

There are magnificent views, especially for photography enthusiasts. When you come to the region, you can buy fresh fruits from the orange and lemon groves in the immediate vicinity or you can shop from the souvenir shops. 

Aspendos Aqueduct
Aspendos Aqueduct

Historic Aspendos Bridge (Tarihi Aspendos Köprüsü): This bridge, which is 225 meters long, is currently closed to vehicle traffic. When the bridge built during the Roman period became obsolete and unusable, this bridge was built on the ruins of the old bridge during the Seljuk Period. This magnificent bridge, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, is a structure that completes the ancient city of Aspendos.

Historical Aspendos Bridge
Historic Aspendos Bridge

Zeytintasi Cave Natural Monument (Zeytintaşı Mağarası Tabiat Anıtı). It is a place famous for its spontaneously formed stalactites, columns and stalagmites that still continue to grow. This natural beauty, which must be seen by the people who come to the city, is very well preserved. While you are allowed to travel in groups of up to 10 people on your trip to the region, a guide will definitely accompany you on this trip.

Zeytintasi magarasi Antalya Serik
Zeytintasi Cave Natural Monument
Zeytintaş Cave
Zeytintasi Cave Natural Monument

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