Top Things to Do in Finike – Beaches & Attractions

Finike district of Antalya is one of the beautiful holiday destinations with its nature. Famous for its oranges, Finike was one of the places known as Lycia in the past. Today, it is known as the Teke peninsula. Phenicia, which was ruled by the Phoenicians and Lycian civilizations in history, remained a port city for many years.

Known for its beautiful nature and clean air, Finike is known for its population to increase 2-3 times during the tourism seasons. Since one side is the Taurus Mountains and the other side is the Mediterranean, it is one of the most preferred places for those who love both nature and the sea.

Ancient City in Finike

Limyra Ancient City (Limyra Antik Kenti). Finike is one of the districts with a historical past in Antalya. The ancient city of Lmyra is one of the historical places to visit in Finike. Finike was also known as Lycia in the past. You can see the remnants of civilizations that lived in this region in the past in the ancient city of Lmyra.

Although they have been badly damaged at the moment, they are still waiting for you to help you learn about the architecture of that period. You can reach this ancient city, which is 4 km away from the center of Finike, with a short journey. There is a stream next to the ancient city, which was built on the side of a hill. If you want to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air, you can visit the ancient city of Lmyra.

Limyra Ancient City
Limyra Ancient City
Limyra Ancient City
Limyra Ancient City
Lmyra Ancient City Rock Tombs
Lmyra Ancient City Rock Tombs

2 Best Beaches in Finike

Andrea Doria Bay in Finike (Andrea Doria Koyu). It is one of the most beautiful places you can choose when you want to enjoy the sea and the sun in a calm environment. This magnificent bay, which will leave you in awe with its natural beauty and untouched greenery at the same time, is one of the most special places where the blue of the sea and the green of the forests come together.

There is an entrance fee to the beach, but sunbeds and umbrellas are included in the price. For this reason, you can spend quality time during the day with very affordable prices and at the same time, you can meet your food or beverage needs at the facility located within the beach.

The beach, which once served only to women, is now used by both women and men. For this reason , when you want to benefit from the magnificent beauties of Finike , you can choose this bay with your loved ones.

Andrea Doria Bay
Andrea Doria Bay

Gokliman Beach (Gökliman Plajı). It is one of the free public beaches in Finike. There are paid areas in some parts of the beach. Since it is very close to the center and also spread over a wide area, you can go to this beach whenever you want and have a pleasant time.

The beach, where you can get many different services such as toilets, showers, umbrellas, sun loungers, parking, is generally known for its clean sand and clean water. The fact that it is surrounded by lush forests offers you a perfect view.

Finike is one of the districts known for its natural beauties. You can take a walk in the surrounding area to have a pleasant time here. You can taste local delicacies.

Gokliman Beach
Gokliman Beach – Gökliman Plajı

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