Beaches and Things to Do in Antalya Gazipasa

Gazipasa is one of the most crowded districts of Antalya, especially in the hot summer months. The reason for this is the Gazipasa – Alanya airport located in the district. The district, which is filled with both domestic and foreign tourists during every holiday season, is also famous for its natural beauties. It is a town famous for being very close to Alanya and also for its banana gardens. The district, which is generally known for its rocky beaches, generally has a wavy sea.

2 Ancient Cities to Visit in Gazipasa

Antiochia Ad Cragum. It is one of the must-see places with its unique beauty. This ancient city is built on a hill. Excavations are still ongoing here.

The ancient city is approximately 20 km from Gazipasa town centre. Just below is the popular delikdeniz king cove in Gazipasa.

Antiochia Ad Cragum
Antiochia Ad Cragum

Selinus Ancient City (Selinus Antik Kenti). Located on a hill overlooking the district, this city is considered a legacy of the civilizations that lived in the region in ancient times. Although it can be a difficult journey, it is still the right place for people who are interested in history and want to enjoy the magnificent view at the same time.

You can see the ruins of a castle, amphitheater and living spaces used by people at the same time in this ancient city, which is located at an average altitude of 750 meters. If you want to visit Gazipasa, it is one of the best places for you to start. If you want to see the ruins in the ancient city, take a walk or watch the scenery, you can visit this place.

Selinus Ancient City
Selinus Ancient City
Selinus Ancient City
Selinus Ancient City

Lie Cave World (Yalan Dünya Mağarası). You should definitely see this cave, which attracts people’s attention with its breathtaking beauty. The natural structures formed in it are beautiful that you cannot see everywhere. For this reason, the cave always attracts the attention of people from all over the world.

You can feel like you are in a different world when you enter, as the interior of this cave, which is 450 meters long, is illuminated in accordance with the atmosphere. Since it is one of the most important natural beauties not only of Antalya but also of the Mediterranean region, Gazipasa is one of the most important places you should add to your travel list.

Lie Cave World - Yalan Dünya Mağarası
Lie Cave World – Yalan Dünya Mağarası

Gazipasa Delikdeniz King Cove (Delikdeniz Gazipaşa). This region, known as the delikdeniz, is literally a natural wonder. If you’re going to like this area, which consists of a spontaneously formed gate under big rocks and a paradise waiting for you when you enter the gate. The fact that it is a quiet place as well as being home to an important ancient city will allow you to enjoy both nature and history.

It is beneficial not to be barefoot due to the beach and sea consisting of small stones. If you are planning a trip in Gazipasa or looking for answers to questions such as what should I see in Gazipasa, than this article will help you. It’s a little difficult to get down here. Delikdeniz, the road to this place is like a cliff. Here you need to be especially careful.

Delikdeniz King Cove
Delikdeniz King Cove

Gazipasa Koru Beach (Koru Plajı Gazipaşa). This beach, which does not consist of sand like ordinary beaches, has a different appearance with its natural rocks. It is a magnificent view that you cannot find anywhere. Here you can relax or have a picnic. With the puddles formed by the rocks in the sea, you can feel like you are swimming in a natural pool.

Although it is difficult to enter the sea with big waves, you can enter the pools formed between the rocks and enjoy the water calmly. For this reason , when you want to enjoy the sea in Gazipasa, your choice should be this beach.

grove beach Gazipasa
Koru Beach
Koru beach
Koru Beach


Gazipasa is the last district of Antalya and is located on the Antalya Mersin road. Gazipasa, east of Antalya, is located on the Mediterranean coast. It has a view of the sea on one side and the Taurus Mountains on the other.

There are many historical buildings in Gazipasa and its surroundings. Although Gazipasa is unheard of in terms of tourism, it has very beautiful beaches along its coastline.

There are two different airports in Antalya and one of them is located in Gazipasa. The closest place to Gazipasa is Alanya and the distance between is approximately 40 Km.

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