9 Places to Visit in Kemer

Kemer district of Antalya is one of the touristic places on the Mediterranean coast. It is about 40 km from Antalya city center. It is one of the places that fascinate tourists with the forests that surround the Berrak Sea and its surroundings.

Goynuk, Beldibi, Kemer, Camyuva and Tekirova holiday regions are located within the boundaries of Kemer.

Antalya Kemer Places To Visit

Phaselis Ancient City (Phaselis Antik Kenti). this is a very popular tourist destination in Antalya. The distance between the ancient city and Antalya is about 50 km. It is 4 km from Tekirova and 11 km from Kemer district. Tours are organized by buses for the ancient city of Phaselis. In addition, excursion boats organize tours of the ancient city and beach of Phaselis. The ancient city of Phaselis is one of the best places to visit in Antalya.

Phaselis Ancient City
Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis ancient city also has 3 beautiful beaches for swimming in the sea. The first beach is on the left at the entrance of the ancient city. The second beach is close to the ancient city walls and this beach is like a pool. It is a small beach and there are ancient city ruins in the middle of the beach, this beach is very beautiful. The third beach is at the end of the ancient city. The beach is sandy and the sea water is warmer than other beaches. The water is not deep, you can see fish swimming in the water. In the ancient city of Phaselis, barbecue is prohibited, but you can bring ready-made food and have a picnic. You can relax under the pine trees. Showers and toilets are well maintained.

Phaselis beaches - Phaselis Plajları
Phaselis beaches – Phaselis Plajları

Olympos Cable Car (Olympos Teleferik). This place is about 60 km from Antalya city center. The distance between Antalya and Kemer is about 18 km. Tours are organized for the Olympos cable car and foreign tourists generally visit this place. Olympos cable car height is 2365 meters. 

olympos kemer
Olympos Cable Car (Olympos Teleferik)
olympos 2
Olympos Cable Car (Olympos Teleferik)

Yoruk Park (Antalya Kemer Yörük Parkı). Yoruk Park on a hill close to the marina in Kemer: It is like an open-air museum with its small artifacts describing the nomadic life in the park, apart from its local delicacies. The view of the beach and marina from above is beautiful. It is pleasant to walk in the Yoruk park, where you can see many small cute animals. This place is close to the moonlight beach in Antalya Kemer, there is also the Moonlight park right next to it, it is a large and wooded area.

yoruk park
Yoruk Park (Antalya Kemer Yörük Parkı)
yoruk park
Yoruk Park (Antalya Kemer Yörük Parkı)
yoruk park
Yoruk Park (Antalya Kemer Yörük Parkı)
yoruk park 4
Yoruk Park (Antalya Kemer Yörük Parkı)

Moonlight Park: It is the forest area next to the moonlight beach in Kemer. There are cafes, restaurants, a small zoo, and small places for shopping in the park. It is crowded during the day and evening. The park is also one of the places people prefer for a walk when they are bored.

Antalya Kemer Beaches

Kemer Moonlight Beach (Ay Işığı Plajı). Moonlight beach is one of the best beaches in Kemer. Entry to the beach is free. However, as many parts of the beach are used by the nearby businesses, it is chargeable. In paid sections, you can easily meet all your needs such as sunbeds, umbrellas, food and beverage. In general, the prices are expensive.

moonlight beach
Kemer Moon Light Beach (Ay Işığı Plajı)

Kemer public beach (Kemer Belediyesi Halk Plajı). The beach is open to everyone and free of charge. It gets very crowded in summer, there are cafes near the beach. In the park next to the beach: there are playgrounds, restaurants and cafes.

Kemer municipality public beach
Kemer public beach (Kemer Belediyesi Halk Plajı)

Public beach 4 (Halk Plajı 4). is one of the beaches where everyone goes to swim in the sea. It is crowded in the summer months, but in recent years, the municipality has started to show more interest here, and the municipality has cafe-style places. There is a nice park in front of it.

public beach 4
Public beach 4 (Halk Plajı 4)

Kemer Clock Tower (Kemer Saat Kulesi). You can visit the clock tower The clock tower wide square is very crowded in the evenings. The central part is around the olbia park, it is very crowded on the closed road here, the shopping stores are open to late hours.

arch clock tower
Kemer Clock Tower (Kemer Saat Kulesi)

Places to Visit in Goynuk Kemer

(Goynuk Dinopark). You can visit Dinopark dinosaur park at the entrance of Goynuk. Dinopark is suitable for all ages, big and small. You will be a little surprised when you see a giant dinosaur in motion at the dinopark entrance. There are dinosaurs that make noises in the park, horse rides for children, little cute animals and different activities. Dinopark gets very crowded in summer, there are usually tourists.


Goynuk Canyon Details

Goynuk Canyon (Göynük Kanyonu). is located on the Antalya belt road, close to Beldibi. Tours are organized here for tourists. Many people come here by car. Its distance to the center of Antalya is approximately 36 km. If you like to walk, goynuk canyon is 30 to 40 minutes walking distance from Beldibi or Goynuk. Goynuk canyon entrance is paid. After the entrance gate, you have to walk about 2.5 km from the scenic path. But at the end of the road, you will realize that it will be worth it.

500 meters from the entrance, there is a lake formed by the water flowing from the canyon. Here you can see fish and ducks swimming, people swimming. In addition, there is a cafe to relax here, you can relax by the water. You will reach the canyon after 2,5 km. If you want to tour the canyon, you need to buy a separate ticket. The canyon tour is carried out with groups of 10 people on average, wearing life jackets and special clothes. 

Goynuk Canyon
Goynuk Canyon

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