Scenery and Adrenaline with Paragliding in Alanya

You can paraglide in many different places in Turkey and Alanya is one of these places. With paragliding, you can experience adrenaline and enjoy the view.

In order to paraglide in Alanya, you need to make a reservation in advance. You can make reservations in many parts of Alanya. You can see the reservation signs on the beaches, in the bazaar and in many places. All necessary information is communicated to you during the paragliding reservation. In addition, when you want to paraglide, they pick you up from the hotel you are staying with a shuttle car. After the paragliding is over, they drop you back to the hotel you are staying at. In general, tour agencies have shuttles for daily tours and activities. Necessary information is given at the time of booking.

Paragliding in Alanya

If you dream of a light wind carrying you to the sky and going on an adrenaline-filled journey accompanied by magnificent views, the paragliding experience in Alanya is just for you! This unique sport offers an ideal option for both those who want to feel freedom and those who seek excitement. Alanya is one of the places that has made a name for itself as a region that has made an international reputation in terms of paragliding.

Alanya is a holiday resort that is famous for its natural beauties and you can enjoy magnificent views while paragliding. From a bird’s eye perspective, you will meet the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean, the splendor of Alanya Castle and the unique natural beauties of the city. This experience offers much more than an ordinary tourist trip and is a different way to discover the natural beauties of Alanya. Paragliding is almost always an activity with excellent effect for Alanya.

Safety is always the top priority in the paragliding experience. You can do paragliding in Alanya with experienced and certified guides. These professionals guide you on this adrenaline-filled adventure after providing safe conditions for you. When you follow the directions of an experienced guide, you can feel safe and focus only on enjoying the scenery.

Paragliding attracts the attention of many people. If you have a fear of heights or have a very exciting personality, you should consider a quieter activity instead of paragliding. It is also worth considering the news of accidents related to paragliding in recent times.

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