Kumluca Antalya – Beaches and Things to Do

Kumluca Antalya places to visit, best things to do. Kumluca district, Suluada and Adrasan coast are known places. Boat tours are made here and you can visit many bays and Suluada. There are many options for swimming in the Kumluca. The beaches here are very beautiful, especially in Suluada.

Since it is one of the most preferred places in terms of tourism, it naturally hosts different tourism facilities that appeal to all segments. 

Antalya Kumluca Places to Visit

Rhodiapolis Ancient City (Rhodiapolis Antik Kenti). This ancient city, which contains many important buildings from ancient times, still continues to grow with the continuation of ancient excavations. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kumluca district. Especially if you love history.

Some parts of the city have been restored over time and preserved close to the original. But overall it has an old and worn look. It is one of the must-see places in Kumluca for you, due to its location on a hill overlooking the district and at the same time its historical importance.

Rhodiapolis Ancient City
Rhodiapolis Ancient City

Papaz Pier (Papaz İskelesi) .It is one of the right addresses for you when you want to be by the sea and at the same time get fresh air by having a picnic in a forest area. You can even spend the hot summer nights in a cool way by camping in this area. You can stay comfortably as it includes social facilities such as showers, toilets, clean water or sitting areas. 

Pastor Pier
Papaz Pier – Papaz İskelesi

Gelidonya Lighthouse (Gelidonya Feneri). If you like to walk and at the same time want to enjoy the view and fresh air during this walk, you can visit Gelidonya lighthouse. This road you walk to reach the Gelidonya lighthouse is also the Lycian road. The area around Gelidonya Lighthouse is one of the areas preferred by those who go hiking on the Lycian Way and want to camp. When you reach the Gelidonya lighthouse, you can both examine the historical building and enjoy the view and fresh air.

Gelidonya Lighthouse
Gelidonya Lighthouse

Suluada: Known as one of the most frequented addresses of tour boats, this magnificent natural beauty is one of the places you should definitely see. There are two different beaches on this small island, which consists of steep cliffs. The sea water here is very clean. In Turkey, this place is known as the maldives. It is one of the most beautiful places to dive and swim. If you visit this place, you will never forget it. Suluada is very popular in Antalya. Many people who come for sightseeing or vacation go to Suluada by boat tours. Suluada boat tours are made from Kumluca beach.

Suluada Kumluca

Adrasan Bay (Adrasan Koyu). According to many people, it is one of the most beautiful places in Antalya. It gets very crowded in the summer months, even walking around is enjoyable. Kumluca district is the preferred holiday region for camping areas, hiking areas and various activities. It is one of the most frequented addresses for those who want to enjoy both the sea and the sun on a magnificent beach. There is a 2 km long coastline, hotels and pensions along the coastline, walking paths. You can also spend a nice holiday by doing different activities, especially walking activities.

Adrasan Bay
Adrasan Bay

Adrasan Beach (Adrasan Plajı). Especially if you like swimming in the early hours of the morning, Adrasan beach is just for you. You can enjoy the view while swimming or relaxing on the beach. Kumluca bay and beach are generally crowded. One of the reasons for this is the boat tours in Kumluca. Not only people on holiday in Kumluca but also people in nearby resorts prefer Adrasan for boat tours.

Adrasan Beach
Adrasan Beach

Porto Ceneviz Bay (Porto Ceneviz Koyu). It is one of the bays that you should go with tour boats as it can be very difficult and troublesome to reach by land. One of the first comments made by people who go here is usually a hidden paradise or a corner of paradise. Indeed, this bay, which people admire with its natural beauty and calmness, is one of the most famous bays in Turkey. It is one of the best addresses for those who want to see the caretta caretta turtles closely.

This bay, which is shown as one of the most ideal places for those who want to shoot underwater or dive with its cleanliness, is shown as one of the most sheltered and seafarer-friendly bays of the Mediterranean region.

Porto Genoese Bay
Porto Ceneviz Bay

Kumluca Details

Kumluca, which is approximately 98 km away from Antalya city center, is one of the preferred places for holiday with its nature and beaches. The most beautiful places of Kumluca are places like Adrasan and Olympos.

Kumluca is not crowded compared to other holiday resorts of Antalya. Therefore, if you want to have a quiet holiday surrounded by nature, you can choose Kumluca. Since the nature is very beautiful, there are also many beautiful walking areas in the surrounding area. If you like longer walks, Kumluca is very close to the Lycian Way.

There are activities to do on Kumluca beaches, as in many beaches of Antalya. For example, you can participate in parasailing or boat trips. You can see the surrounding beaches and bays. Boat tours are also organized from Kumluca to Demre.

If you are looking for places to see near Kumluca, you can visit Kemer and Finike.

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