Saklikent Canyon and Letoon Sanctuary in Seydikemer

Saklikent canyon, located in the Seydikemer district of Mugla, is one of the best canyons in Turkey. In addition, the Secretkent waterfall and the Letoon sanctuary are some of the touristic places to visit. Seydikemer is located close to Fethiye and Kas district of Antalya.

Especially Saklikent national park is one of the popular places visited by domestic and foreign tourists in Turkey. Letoon Sanctuary, if you like visiting historical buildings, you can visit Letoon sanctuary. Gizlikent waterfall is very close to Saklikent canyon. Apart from the 3 places to visit in Seydikemer district, you can relax in the restaurants and cafes at the entrance of Saklikent national park.

3 Best Places to Visit in Mugla Seydikemer

Saklikent National Park (Saklıkent Milli Parkı). Saklikent canyon national park, which is one of the deepest canyons in the world and considered one of the best natural structures in Turkey, is located within the borders of Seydikemer. The length of the canyon is about 18 km. It is one of the most visited canyons in Turkey and you will not be able to hide your admiration when you see the natural formations inside the canyon. Due to the beauties of the canyon, many people walk for hours in the canyon.

You can enjoy the beauties waiting for you by walking on the flowing water at a light pace, and you can take a break and find peace whenever you want. According to many people, it is shown as the most important place to see in Seydikemer.

saklikent national park
Saklikent National Park

Letoon Sanctuary Place (Letoon Kutsal Alanı). If you like to visit historical places or if you are looking for things to do in your spare time, you can visit the Letoon sanctuary. There are many residential areas to see in the historical building. If you want to closely examine the remnants of an old religious center and at the same time get information about the old church, theater and temple in the Letoon sanctuary place, you can visit this ancient city whenever you want.

Letoon Sanctuary Seydikemer
Letoon Sanctuary Place
Letoon Sanctuary Mugla Seydikemer
Letoon Sanctuary Place

Gizlikent Waterfall (Gizlikent Şelalesi). Gizlikent waterfall, located near the Saklikent canyon, is operated by a private enterprise. There are entertainment areas, walking areas and restaurants and cafes for your food and beverage needs in the waterfall. It is one of the places that many people like.

Secretkent Waterfall
Gizlikent Waterfall

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