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8 historical places to visit in Muğla Milas district, which is home to many historical buildings. The most visited places in Milas. If you are looking for things to do in Milas, you can consider the following options. Especially if you like to visit historical places, Milas is for you.

Milas district is one of the quietest and most peaceful districts of Muğla. It is famous for its long coastline and olive trees. This beautiful town is the perfect place for people who want to have a quiet holiday. When you look at the historical ruins in different parts of this charming district, which is especially famous for its magnificent olive oil, you can understand how important a settlement it has been throughout history.

The beaches in Mugla Milas are very beautiful. Also, walking areas and local food are very nice.

8 Historical Places to Visit in Milas, Muğla

Iasos Ancient City (İasos Antik Kenti) It is one of the best places for you when you want to evaluate the time you spend in Milas and at the same time, especially if you want to spend your free time. You can take a trip to the region during the day both to learn about the history of the region and to get information about historical artifacts.

The fact that it is 20-25 km away from the center of Milas and at the same time there are social areas around it where you can meet all your needs will help you to have a pleasant time in this ancient city.

Iasos Ancient City
Iasos Ancient City

Becin Castle (Beçin Kalesi). Located 2 km away from Milas, this castle is located in a position overlooking the district. This castle, which was naturally worn out over time, is still in a serious restoration process.

You can have an idea about the architectural features of those periods while walking around, and you can also have detailed information thanks to the information boards.

The fact that the landscaping has been done and, most importantly, that there are social facilities around the castle where you can meet all your needs, will ensure that the day is enjoyable for you.

Becin Castle
Becin Castle

Milas Museum (Milas Müze Müdürlüğü – (Uzunyuva Anıt Mezarı). This museum, which exhibits many different ancient artifacts in and around Milas district, can be a different visit point for you. In particular, this region, where Mylasa’s king tomb is located, is home to the most important historical structures not only of Milas but also of the Aegean region. For this reason, it is a must-see and must-visit place for anyone interested in history.

Milas Museum Directorate - Uzunyuva Mausoleum
Milas Museum

Hekatomnos Mausoleum and Sanctuary (Hekatomnos Anıt Mezarı ve Kutsal Alanı). This area, where very special ancient artifacts are located, is one of the most must-see places in Milas. Especially Hekatomnos mausoleum should definitely be seen. Since the original tomb was damaged over time, the tomb found here is a replica. However, people who enter the environment say that they are affected by both the spiritual atmosphere and the information they receive about this area.

Hekatomnus Mausoleum and Sanctuary
Hekatomnus Mausoleum and Sanctuary

Gumuskesen Monument (Gümüşkesen Anıtı). This magnificent structure, which is thought to have been built for one of the rulers or commanders of the period, is located on the slopes of Sodra Mountain. This building, which attracts attention with its architectural features, will surprise you with both its columns and the specially designed ceiling.

This building, which was built in accordance with the architecture of the period, is still one of the most important and best-known ancient ruins of the region. For this reason , it is considered one of the most important historical buildings of Milas .

Gumuskesen Monument, this place was closed before. So first find out it’s open, then visit.

Gümüşkesen Monument
Gumuskesen Monument

Euromos Ruins (Euromos Ören Yeri). You should definitely see this area where archaeological studies are still going on. This area, which has great historical importance and also hosts both the Temple of Zeus and the amphitheater, always stands out as a place that attracts the attention of history buffs. When we look at the inscriptions inside, it is seen that the names of Euromos and Herakleia, which are rumored to have lived in the region, are also mentioned.

Euromos Ruins
Euromos Ruins

Labranda Ruins (Labranda Ören Yeri). Since this area, which contains many different remains from mausoleums to mass use areas, does not have a very large surface area, it will be enough to allocate an average of 1 hour. You can understand how old the region is after the historical buildings you will see in this area, which usually has a rocky and broken road. If you want to plan a trip to Milas, one of the first places you should add to your list is this ancient city.

Labranda Ruins
Labranda Ruins

Seven Monastery (Yediler Manastırı). It is known that the history of this monastery, which has a very different terrain and is located on a hill overlooking the Milas district, dates back at least 500 years. This monastery, which can be reached with a difficult walk, will impress you, especially with its spiritual atmosphere.

Yediler Monastery
Seven Monastery

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