Cappadocia Mysterious Places – Kaymakli Underground City

Located approximately 20 kilometers from Nevsehir, Kaymakli Underground City is located within the boundaries of Kaymakli town. The city, which was built by carving into the underground in the town of Kaymakli, which was called Enegup in ancient times, attracts attention because it was built skillfully around approximately 100 tunnels and ventilation shafts, and hosts countless local and foreign tourists every year. 

Kaymakli Underground City, which hosted approximately 5000 people in its period, is among the places and structures that must be seen by many tourists visiting Cappadocia.  

Kaymakli Underground City

The city, which was formed by carving the rocks, most of which consisted of volcanic tuffs, was built in order to create a safer living environment due to the difficult conditions experienced by the people of the period. In the Kaymakli Underground City, which was built by creating narrow tunnels with low floors, especially considering the security and defense issues, there is a single entrance gate made of bolt stones that can be moved from the inner part of the city. The fact that the entrance door, which is quite heavy, is checked from the inside against a possible attack and there is a hole in the middle also attracts the attention of those who see it.   

The history of Kaymakli Underground City, which was built by the Hittites as 8 floors, dates back to BC. It dates back to 3000 years. During the Roman and Byzantine Empires, the city tunnels and chambers were further expanded. Kaymakli Underground City consists of many areas such as ventilation shafts, barn, wine warehouses, church, water cellars, water wells and kitchen. 

Underground City Sections

The city, where only the first four floors are open, welcomes its visitors with four separate sections.

The First Section is the ground floor of the city. Since the people of the period were more interested in animal husbandry for their livelihood, a part of the city was created as a barn for the animals to live in. For defense and security, the first floor is used as a barn in underground cities, as the low, narrow and long tunnels of the city prevent animals from descending to the lower floors. Along with the barn, there is also a church on this floor. The church, which was built by carving on the left side of the barn and has a sliding door, draws attention as it is on the first floor. On this floor, there are rooms carved for life along with the church and its stable. 

In the second part, there are sitting areas, churches and tombs. Consisting of two apses and a single nave, the church has seating areas for religious ceremonies. There is a very striking baptismal stone just in front of the apses. In addition, the tomb, which is very close to the church, is among the structures that attract attention.

As the most important floor of Kaymakli Underground City, it consists of three areas on the third floor. These areas are the kitchen, the winery and the store of provisions, which are very important and numerous for the people of the period. 

The fourth section, which is the last floor of the city, which consists of 8 floors, can be visited, and there are wineries created for wine production. There are multiple warehouses in this section together with the wineries. At the same time, there are very interesting cubes on this floor.

Visiting hours

Kaymakli Underground City, which is open every day, is open to visitors from 08:00 to 19:00. 

Box office hours are from 08:00 to 18:30 in the morning.

How to go?

You can go to Kaymakli Underground City, which is approximately 20 km from the center of Nevsehir, from the touristic districts of Nevsehir and the city center by private vehicles, rental cars and minibuses. You can also visit the underground city by joining the tours organized by the daily tour companies.

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