16 Places to Visit in Urgup (Cappadocia Urgup)

List of places to visit in Cappadocia Urgup. There are many options for holidays in Turkey. Sea vacation in summer, culture and natural beauties in winter. Urgup is one of the most important and beautiful places in the Cappadocia region. Urgup, a district of Nevsehir province, offers its visitors a wonderful holiday experience with its nature and architectural texture.

Places to Visit in Urgup

Especially with its unique view, it fascinates many people. With its historical sites, natural formations and hot air balloon tours, Urgup makes vacationers experience a holiday dream. We have listed the historical buildings and natural places you can visit in Urgup, which will provide you with a wonderful holiday experience.

Cappadocia Wish Hill

Cappadocia Wish Hill (Temenni Tepesi). It is one of the places considered sacred by the people living in ancient times. For this reason, there are taka tombs built for private people on the hill. The hill, which is approximately 80 meters high, offers unique views and a panorama of Urgup. The observation balcony of the hill is reached by following a road that is 80 and 100 m long and formed by carving the rocks. The unique view of Cappadocia on this balcony amazes those who see it.

The cupola on the hill was converted into a library by Tahsin Aga in 1855 and served as a library for a while. As a result of the insufficient library, the library is moved to another place.

Hope Hill
Cappadocia Wish Hill (Temenni Tepesi)

Urgup Kadikalesi

Urgup Kadikalesi.Kadıkalesi, the largest settlement of the Cappadocia Region, is approximately 500 meters from Wish Hill. It is visited by a large number of visitors, both domestic and foreign, every year.

It was built in order to keep women and children in a safe area for possible wars during the Seljuk Period. Therefore, the castle is also known as the Women’s Castle.

There is also a passage from the castle to Damsa Stream. This passage is built for the safe evacuation of the castle in case of potential dangers. The building, which was carved in a slightly different way than Seljuk architecture, welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

Urgup Kadikalesi
Urgup Kadikalesi

Asmali Mansion

Asmali Mansion (Asmalı Konak). The mansion, which has 41 rooms and has a history of approximately 180 years, is very popular in the country as it hosts the shooting of a Turkish TV series called Asmali Konak. Today, it serves as a hotel and restaurant.

This mansion, which was built in 1887 and has hosted more than one family over time, attracts the attention of many tourists with its different and interesting architecture.

Asmali Mansion
Asmali Mansion (Asmalı Konak)

Ortahisar Castle

Ortahisar Castle (Ortahisar Kalesi). Ortahisar Castle, which is known as the biggest fairy chimney of Cappadocia, located in Ortahisar district, is among the first examples of multi-storey structures built in the world. For this reason, it is visited with interest by many people. The rocks around the castle are carved for shelter and protection against the possibility of war.

In the following times, it was used as an important shelter during the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Empire periods, respectively. Since it was built at the highest point of Cappadocia, it has a magnificent view.

The castle is open to visitors between 10.00 and 18.00, provided that it does not change seven days a week.

Ortahisar Castle
Ortahisar Castle (Ortahisar Kalesi)

Three Beauties in Cappadocia

Three Beauties in Cappadocia (Üç Güzeller). Three Beauties, consisting of two large and one small fairy chimneys, presents an image like a family painting to those who see it. The Three Beauties, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, are visited by approximately 2 million tourists every year.

It is not necessary to pay any fee to see these natural formations, which are quite spectacular to take pictures. With the view of Mount Erciyes and the setting sun, it offers a magnificent view to those who are interested in nature photography, as well as the opportunity to take a magnificent photo.

Three Beauties
Three Beauties in Cappadocia (Üç Güzeller)

Zemi Valley

Zemi Valley (Zemi Vadisi). The valley, which takes its name from the Zemi Stream that runs through it, is one of the places that people who love hiking must visit. The valley, which is quite long, has a total length of 5600 meters. Offering a magnificent hiking trail for those who love trekking and adventure sports, this valley is highly appreciated by many.

With its fairy chimneys, some tunnels and interesting Roman tombs, it offers both a trekking opportunity with its magnificent nature and a quality walk with its historical structures.

During the walk in the valley, you will see four beautiful churches. Sakli Church, Sarnic Church, El-Nazar Church and Gorkundere Church are indicated with signs along the valley.

Zemi Valley is among the places that tourists who come to Urgup must visit with its unique natural scenery and history.

Zemi Valley
Zemi Valley (Zemi Vadisi)

Pancarlik Valley

Pancarlik Valley (Pancarlık Vadisi). The valley, which is approximately 4 km away from Ortahisar town, is among the frequent destinations of thousands of tourists every year. It welcomes those who come for trekking with its magnificent nature. There are varieties of flowers of various colors and types in the valley. It is especially visited by people who like to take pictures.

In addition to a magnificent walk with nature, the valley also offers a historical walk with the churches in it.

It is thought that the Pancarlık Church, located in the valley, was built in the first half of the 11th century. The church, which was built with a single apse, also has a single nave. The frescoes in the church have survived to the present day and present a magnificent view. Since the scenes taken from the Bible are engraved on the church walls, it is visited with interest by many local and foreign tourists.

Pancarlik Valley
Pancarlik Valley (Pancarlık Vadisi)

Kizilcukur Valley

Kizilcukur Valley (Kızılçukur Vadisi). It is visited by many people, especially to watch the magnificent view of Cappadocia. The valley, which takes its name from the red tuff rocks, presents a magnificent view as it turns redder during sunset. The valley, which is visited by many people especially for its red appearance, is one of the favorite places of nature photographers in Cappadocia.

There is also a restaurant for tourists in the valley. Here, you can both enjoy the magnificent valley and Cappadocia view, and fill your stomach with magnificent meals.

Kizilcukur Valley
Kizilcukur Valley (Kızılçukur Vadisi)

Gomeda- Uzengi Valley

Gomeda- Uzengi Valley (Üzengi Vadisi). The valley got its name from the ruins of Gomeda. There are remarkable churches and tunnels in the valley. Due to its magnificent nature and geological structure, it is one of the places that everyone who comes to Ürgüp should see. The stream flowing in the valley is like sulphurous mineral water.

All the structures found in the valley, from the tunnels where rain water was collected in ancient times to the Gomeda Ruins, which are thought to have approximately 600 houses, from two churches to the underground city, attract a lot of attention. With its magnificent nature, it is among the places that those who want to do trekking must visit.

Gomeda- Stirrup Valley
Gomeda- Uzengi Valley (Üzengi Vadisi)

Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley (Devrent Vadisi). Like the Zemi Valley, there are structures such as Roman tombs in it. Devrent Valley, known as Imaginary Valley, is also known as Pink Valley because of the cliffs that turn red as a result of sunset.

With this magnificent nature, it offers hikers the opportunity to trek along with both historical and natural beauties.

The fairy chimney in Devrent Valley, resembling a camel, is one of the first spots visited by those who visit the valley. The churches and carved houses in the valley are of a beauty that fascinates the walkers. Devrent valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Cappadocia. That’s why you should add this magnificent place to the list of trips to Urgup.

Devrent Valley
Devrent Valley (Devrent Vadisi)

Ortahisar Culture Museum

Ortahisar Culture Museum (Ortahisar Kültür Müzesi). It is the first ethnographic museum of the region. There is a restaurant and cafe in the museum. The museum, which has been opened to visitors since 2004, reflects the lifestyle and culture of Cappadocia with its animation models.

In the exhibition rooms of the museum, which consists of a total of 12 rooms, historical and cultural events such as molasses making, carving the rocks, building a church, weddings, engagements, betrothal, bridal rooms are brought to life.

Although the visiting hours of the museum are the same every day of the week, it welcomes its visitors free of charge until 09.00 and 23.55.

Ortahisar Culture Museum
Ortahisar Culture Museum (Ortahisar Kültür Müzesi)

Urgup Museum

Urgup Museum (Ürgüp Müzesi). The works exhibited in the museum are the works that started to be collected since 1965. In this museum, both the findings obtained as a result of archaeological studies and the ethnographic artifacts of the region are exhibited.

At the entrance, the Nogene-Miocene female mammoth fossils obtained as a result of the studies carried out in Mustafapaşa Town are exhibited. Among these artifacts are marine fossils obtained as a result of excavations around Acıgol.

Items belonging to the Hellenistic, Old Bronze Age, Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Seljuk and Ottoman Empire Periods are also exhibited.

The museum, which does not charge any entrance fee, is open to visitors between 09.00 and 19.00 in summer, and between 08.00-17.00 in winter.

Urgup Museum
Urgup Museum (Ürgüp Müzesi)

Hallach monastery

Hallach Monastery. Located approximately 1 km from Ortahisar, the monastery is also known as the monastery of the sick. The building, which was built by carving the rocks in the 11th century, served as a hospital where the priests stayed, where they obtained medicine from medicinal plants and where the patients were treated.

The structure, which was built by carving a rock of approximately 8 thousand square meters, takes its name from the stream as it is located close to Hallac Stream. It has a slightly different architecture than other monasteries in the region. Therefore, it is visited with interest by many tourists.

Hallach monastery
Hallach monastery

Cemil Village Churches

Cemil Village Churches (Cemil Köyü Kiliseleri). In the village of Cemil, there are many structures to be seen, from the very old Greek houses, frescoes and important churches. The Keslik Monastery in the village has been well preserved until today. Witnessing the Early Christian Period, the building is dedicated to the archangel Michael. The monastery consists of two churches, a dining hall, a holy spring and a winery.

There are many churches in the village. If you go to the village, you can see the signs on the roads.

Cemil Village Churches
Cemil Village Churches (Cemil Köyü Kiliseleri)

Keslik Monastery

Keslik Monastery (Keşlik Manastırı). Located in Cemil village of Urgup district, the monastery was built by carving tuff rocks. The monastery, which was built in the Early Christian Period, has survived to the present day with very good preservation.

The Keslik Monastery, which consists of five different parts, is dedicated to the Archangel Michael and to St. Stefano, who was accepted as the first martyr of Christianity by Christians.

There are two churches, a holy spring, a winery and a dining hall in the monastery. The destroyed parts of these sections are repaired using cut stones. You can also visit the ancient city of Sobesos, which is close to the monastery.

Keslik Monastery
Keslik Monastery (Keşlik Manastırı)

St. Theodore Church in Urgup

St. Theodore Church in Urgup (Tağar Kilisesi). This place is also known as Tagar church. The church, which differs from other churches in the region with its Three Leaf Clover plan, is quite famous for this feature. It is located on the left side of the naos entrance, which consists of three semi-circles. In the main apse, there is the deesis scene, in which the picture of Jesus sitting on a throne is depicted. While Jesus makes a sign of blessing with his right hand, he holds a book with a pilgrimage sign with his left hand.

On the right side of Jesus is Mary, on the left side John the Baptist, while the archangel Michael and Gabriel are depicted next to Mary and John. Tagar Church is visited by many people with interest, especially with its well-preserved writings and descriptions.

Tagar Church
St. Theodore Church (Tağar Kilisesi)

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