Ozluce Underground City

The underground city of Ozluce, located in the village of Ozluce in Nevsehir, is approximately 35 km from the town of Urgup. It has a lot of differences compared to other underground cities. Both its geological structure and architectural structure distinguish the Ozluce Underground City from other cities. The fact that the city was formed by carving tuffs of different colors presents a very different view.

Ozluce Underground City
Ozluce Underground City (Özlüce Yeraltı Şehri)

Ozluce Underground City

The underground city, unlike other places, is not multi-storey. For this reason, it attracts a lot of attention. Instead of multiple floors, it was built by carving a large area on the ground. A part of Ozluce Underground City has been cleared. Other areas are closed to visitors.

The entrance to the city is provided through a two-arched tunnel made entirely of basalt and a length of approximately 15 meter.

A very small part of the underground city is open to visitors.

Many areas of the underground city are closed to visitors due to the danger of collapse. 

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