Kureklidere Waterfall

One of the places to visit in Bursa, Kureklidere Waterfall is located in the Yildirim district of Bursa. The waterfall, which is one of the areas worth seeing and where you will have perfect moments with its height, allows you to take hundreds of photos with its wooden viewing platforms. You should definitely visit this special waterfall to get away from the city with your family and loved ones.

What can be done in Kureklidere Waterfall?

The Kureklidere waterfall, which is open 24 hours a day, can be preferred for camping and hiking. It is necessary to use a special vehicle to reach the waterfall, which is the focus of the campers. Flowing brightly from the crevices of the cliff, the waterfall is home to hundreds of creatures in the pond where it accumulates. You can fish in the pond of the waterfall if you wish. The waterfall flowing through the greenery is open to visitors in all seasons. If you wish, you can sit on the viewing terrace and enjoy the fresh air with the view of the waterfall.

Kureklidere Waterfall
Kureklidere Waterfall

The Kureklidere Waterfall that Makes You Take a Journey to Nature

With a gigantic height of 82 meters, the Waterfall flows through the rocks along a thin line. The waterfall, which is 19 km away from Bursa city center, is the first address for those looking for a pleasant walk.

There are more than 50 different kinds of trees around this special waterfall, which picnic lovers can reach with their vehicles in a short time. There is a stream that connects the water and the forest. It allows you to watch different nature colors harmoniously with their natural texture. You can witness the quiet and peaceful life of the forest in the early hours of the morning with the sunrise at Kureklidere waterfall.

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