Inkaya Historical Plane Tree – 600 Year Old Giant Tree

Inkaya historical plane tree, which must be seen by those who go to Bursa, has a 600-year history in Osmangazi district. This special plane tree, which defies centuries, is world famous. The height of the plane tree, which has a diameter of about 3 meters, is 35 meters. The plane tree has 13 main branches in total, it is one of the oldest trees in Turkey. The historical plane tree of Inkaya attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists and is a place where you can spend time in peace with its cafe under the tree.

Inkaya Historical Plane Tree - İnkaya Tarihi Çınar Ağacı
Inkaya Historical Plane Tree – İnkaya Tarihi Çınar Ağacı

Inkaya Historical Plane Tree – 600 Years Old

Inkaya historical plane tree is one of the most precious parts of nature tourism in Bursa. You can feel yourself in a completely different area with the canopy under the large trunk of the plane tree and the parts of the tree veins above the ground. The historical Sycamore tree is within the borders of Inkaya district. It is on the Uludag ski center road.

You can go very easily by car and you can take very nice pictures for souvenir purposes. You can spend a very nice time with tea or coffee under the historical plane tree of İnkaya to go to rest your head and have pleasant moments with your loved ones.

What Will You See Around?

There are restaurants, tea gardens, markets and souvenir shops around the historical plane tree, which is worth seeing with its gigantic size, as well as businesses selling organic products. Open areas where local foods and beverages are exhibited appeal to your taste buds.

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