Iznik: Bursa District with its Nature and Historical Places

Iznik, one of the districts of Bursa, is especially beautiful with its nature. In addition, the Museum and Iznik Castle are two of the best places to visit. Iznik District, which has hosted many civilizations in the past, appeals to local and foreign people with its nature and history.

Many traces from the Ottoman period can be seen in Iznik district. Mosques and madrasas were built in the fields of education, art and architecture. Some of the structures that have survived for centuries maintain their splendor. These historical buildings and some artifacts are exhibited in the castle and museum.

Bearing the Traces of the Past: Iznik Museum

Iznik museum, which was built in 1388 during the Ottoman period, was built by the mother of Sultan Murat the first. Iznik Museum, which was restored by Nilüfer Hatun, was opened to visitors in the 1960s. After the Ottoman Empire, this museum was used as a warehouse in the Republican period. Afterwards, it was seen as a more suitable place to show historical artifacts and during periods of increased archaeological excavations, and turned it into a museum. It contains tombstones and sarcophagi.

The history of the Iznik district can be seen in the museum, which exhibits many artifacts and relics. With its interesting and impressive appearance, the museum is one of the best places to visit in Iznik. If you have a museum card: You can visit the museum for free. Museum card: It is valid in many museums and historical places in Turkey. Museum cards are sold to local and foreign tourists.

Bearing the Traces of the Past Iznik Museum
Bearing the Traces of the Past Iznik Museum

An Artifact from the Roman Period: Iznik Castle

It is known that the castle of Iznik was built in the Roman period in 258 BC. This historical building, which dates back to ancient times, has approximately five kilometers of walls. It has a gigantic view with its wide walls and height. In the castle, which was used for military purposes at the time, there are remnants of wars in some areas.

Iznik Castle, with its architecture worth seeing, was used as a strong defense point in the past. There is no entrance fee in the Iznik castle and restoration works have not been carried out in order not to spoil the nature. You can walk around and inside the castle. You can take very nice pictures around the castle.

An Artifact from the Roman Period Iznik Castle
An Artifact from the Roman Period Iznik Castle

Finally, Iznik district is very beautiful with its nature. You can visit Iznik lake and its surroundings.

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