Pirinc Caravanserai in Bursa – (Pirinc Han) Places to See

Pirinc caravanserai (Pirinc Han) in the greenery is located in the Osmangazi district of Bursa. The caravanserai, built by Beyazit the second, is located on Cumhuriyet Street. This private caravanserai, which Bursa used as a foundation at the time, continues its life as a trade center today.

It creates a magnificent view with its domes consisting of courtyard arches and vault bricks using stone and brick materials. The caravanserai, where you can take lots of photos and feel the history in depth, has approximately 48 rooms with its ostentatious structure.

Pirinc Han
Pirinc Han

What’s in Pirinc caravanserai?

After the restoration works in the caravanserai, the fountain and the prayer room were renovated and there are cafes, shops and offices. It was put into service as a shopping center in 2002 after 20 years of restoration. You can eat or drink in the cafes located downstairs. There are cafes and restaurants around the caravanserai where you can find the delicacies of the region.

Pirinc caravanserai – A Brief Return to History

With its courtyard and domes in the middle, its external appearance is of a kind that impresses people. You can visit the shops inside the caravanserai, or you can use this special area just to relax or take photos. You can feel the history in the caravanserai with its wide corridors and various entrance doors.

The caravanserai doors, which are open every weekday, open at 10:30 in the morning and close at 22:00 in the evening. Some sections of the caravanserai, which you can visit on weekends or weekdays, are used as offices and workplaces.

This special caravanserai, which is frequently visited by local people and tourists, offers a historical and peaceful atmosphere that is definitely worth seeing. There are shops where you can shop around the caravanserai located in the city center, as well as different historical buildings.

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