Aktopraklik Open Air Museum

Located in Bursa’s Nilüfer district, Aktopraklik Open Air Museum is one of the museums that attracts the attention of many people with its historical structures. You can go to the museum, which is 35 km away from the center of Bursa, by public transport or private vehicle.

The museum hosts local and foreign researchers and tourists every season. The places where the historical artifacts unearthed by the excavations are carefully exhibited can also be visited with pleasure in the open-air museum. Being the largest archaeological park in Europe and co-founded with regional universities, the park helps you discover history in the most realistic way.

Aktopraklik Open Air Museum

The open-air museum is free and can be visited between 9:30 and 17:00 in the morning. You can explore the open-air museum between the specified hours every day of the week or weekdays. Some of the buildings in the Aktopraklik museum were brought from Eskikizelma village. The historical ruins unearthed from the village attract attention with both nature and historical texture in the green area of the open-air museum.

Small Village Town: Golyazi

Golyazi in Bursa’s Nilufer district includes shallow areas that will allow you to swim in certain parts, if you wish, as one of the places to relax. While visiting the district, museums, bazaars, ponds and nature parks, with its history and beaches, create an alternative to a rich activity. Eating, drinking and transportation can be done at very reasonable prices in Nilufer district, where you can enjoy your time without getting bored. With its distance from the center, it is extremely easy to reach everywhere.

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