Golyazi Boat Tours

Golyazi coast, located in Bursa’s Nilüfer district, is a peaceful town. Golyazi town is one of the rare places of Bursa with the shape of a small islet established in the middle of the lake. A road was connected to the island by a bridge in the sixth century BC. The town, where the Greek population is predominant, started with the settlement of the Greeks here during their migration to Thessaloniki.

Unforgettable Boat Tours on Golyazi Coast

Golyazi coast is one of the areas where you can spend time peacefully in boat tours and greenery and have unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Fishing is one of the most common activities on Golyazı coast, You can easily find everything you need around Golyazi. When you go to Golyazi, you can definitely observe nature in a more unique way by taking a boat tour. Golyazi village is one of the places away from the crowds and intertwined with nature. That’s why you can spend a nice relaxing day away from the city crowd with daily boat tours.

Golyazi Bursa
Golyazi Bursa
Golyazi Bursa
Golyazi Bursa

Calm and Quiet Golyazi Coast

You can see people swimming here, but swimming is not recommended as this is a lake. If you want to swim, you can go to districts such as Gemlik and Mudanya in Bursa. Boat tours are very popular in the village. The coastal area, which can be preferred more for picnic or camping than swimming, can also be preferred for fishing activities. The fish, which is very delicious with its rich fish varieties, is cooked in the barbecue that you will burn by the coast. Golyazi coast, which is the place for those who seek peace and tranquility, is the frequently visited region of Nilüfer district.

Things to Do on the Coast in Golyazi

You don’t have to pay any fee for camping and you can get your food, drink and other needs from private businesses in the surrounding area. There are hostels where you can stay around the Golyazi coast. Campfires and picnics are free around the coast.

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