Bursa Grand Bazaar

Bursa Grand Bazaar is in Osmangazi district. There are many historical shopping centers in Osmangazi region. There are many options especially in textile products. Bursa city is one of the best cities in textile production. Especially children’s clothing products. You can find everything you are looking for in the Grand bazaar in Bursa. Especially if you want to buy souvenirs, the Grand bazaar is the right address. 

Which Shops Are in Bursa Grand Bazaar?

In the bazaar, you can find many shops selling glassware, jewellery, textile products, and handmade souvenirs. It is one of the historical places where you can both shop and visit with its bazaar texture and streets, which are very pleasant to visit. There are also different historical shopping bazaars near the Grand Bazaar. You can also taste local delicacies around the Grand bazaar. 

From shoes to bags and other textile products, Bursa’s Grand bazaar, which has a solid architecture from the past to the present, houses 130 shops. The Grand bazaar, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, has a 700-year history and a pleasant shopping potential.

A Little Detail About Bursa

If you want to shop in Bursa, you should visit the Grand Bazaar and its surroundings. Even if it is a very special souvenir you want to buy, you can find it in and around the Grand Bazaar. Bursa’s Grand bazaar is not just for tourists, many people living in the city prefer the Grand bazaar and its surroundings for shopping.

Here, you can find many quality products such as home textiles, curtains, towels, in addition to quality children’s clothing, women’s and men’s clothing. You can also find handmade carpets and handmade souvenirs in the bazaar. Finally, you can find jewelry such as gold and silver indoors.

  1. The city of Bursa is famous for its clothing and home textile products in Turkey. You can choose it for a shopping trip.
  2. You can go on a culture and history tour in Bursa. There are many historical sites and museums in the city.
  3. There are beaches in Yalova and Gemlik districts of Bursa. You can choose it for summer vacation.

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