Bursa City Museum

Bursa city museum, located in Osmangazi district of Bursa, was opened to visitors as a museum in 2004 to promote cultural, historical and social richness. The museum building was used as the courthouse of the time in 1926. The building, which served as a courthouse for a long time, was taken over by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2001 and opened its doors as a museum in 2004. The works in the museum are preserved for centuries and presented to the taste of museum lovers with the works that convey contemporary Bursa in the most accurate way.

What’s in the Bursa City Museum?

The museum building consists of three floors and the gallery exhibition on the ground floor conveys information in chronological order in which Bursa exhibits all its civilizations. Bursa and all the civilizations around it are presented to history lovers with their works from the Ottoman period to the War of Independence. The first floor of the museum has won the admiration of all Bursa residents and foreign tourists with the theme of “Bursa with its Life and Culture”.

The handicrafts show in the basement of the museum accurately represents Bursa, which is one of the first in the world, especially in silk fabric. It exhibits history with its specially decorated animation areas such as farriers, saddlers, saddlebags or fabric shops.

What to do in Bursa City Museum?

After visiting the museum, you can participate in activities for 50 people on certain days in the training workshop hall. Handicraft arts organized in different periods in these special events make Bursa’s historical texture more understandable. After visiting the museum with your loved ones and family, you can relax in the cafes or restaurants around it and You can visit other places to visit in Bursa.

The museum, which is open to visitors every day of the week between 9:30 in the morning and 17:00 in the evening, can be visited free of charge.

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