Inegol Touristic Places, Cave, Waterfall, hot Springs

Bursa’s İnegöl district is home to one of Turkey’s most beautiful caves. In addition, the district of Inegol is famous for its thermal waters. The waters used by the thermal facilities in the vicinity are the waters of the Oylat waterfall. Oylat cave, Oylat waterfall and Oylat thermal springs are some of the touristic places that attract the attention of local and foreign tourists in Inegol.

Inegol District of Bursa

  • The district of Inegol, which is approximately 47 kilometers from Bursa, is one of the developed industrial zones. Apart from industry, it is also famous for its spa and furniture.
  • One of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Meatballs in Turkey is the District of Inegol. Therefore, you should definitely try this flavor on your visit to Inegol.
  • It is also known that some waters to drink in Inegol district are very good for healing human health.
  • Compared to many touristic places, prices in Inegol are not very expensive. Inegol district, which is visited by local and foreign people, is a very well-kept district.
  • One of the best places in Inegol is Oylat cave. It is the second largest cave of Turkey. There are healing waters in the cave.

Healing Oylat Thermal Springs

Oylat thermal springs, which have healing waters, have radioactive waters. The place where the hot springs are located is about 4 kilometers from the Oylat cave. The waters in the spa are used for therapeutic purposes. Hot springs, which can be preferred in summer or winter, are good for many diseases.

Oylat waterfall

One of the must-see places in İnegöl is Oylat waterfall. If you like to spend time in nature, you can visit Oylat waterfall. The place where the waterfall is located has clean waters and fresh air. In the upper parts of the waterfall, untouched waters are drinkable.

Oylat waterfall
Oylat waterfall

Turkey’s Second Largest Cave – Oylat Cave

Oylat cave consists of two floors, approximately 665 meters long and 95 meters high. It is the second largest cave in Turkey. The stalactites and stalagmites in the Oylat cave are worth seeing. There are pools and puddles in some parts of the cave. There is a walking platform inside the cave. Thus, you can visit the cave more easily.

All stalactites can be studied in depth in the illuminated cave. Life still continues in the cave and it is possible to come across bats, worms or butterflies. You can buy your necessities such as food or drink around the cave. In addition, the place where the cave is located has a very beautiful view or nature. If you are looking for places to visit in Bursa, it is recommended to add Oylat cave to your travel list.

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