Tatlarin Underground City

Tatlarin underground city, which was built approximately 10 km away from Acigol district, was discovered in 1975. It is located on a hill that the locals call a castle. On this hill, there are not only the underground city but also remarkable structures such as churches.

Tatlarin underground city: It is located in Acigol district of Nevsehir. It is approximately 42 km from the Cappadocia tourism region.

It was opened to visitors in 1991, 16 years after its discovery. Since the main entrance gate was destroyed due to some reasons, the entrance to the city is made from a different area through a tunnel with a length of 15 meters. Access to the city is provided through two different gates in the west direction.

Tatlarin Underground City
Tatlarin Underground City (Tatlarin Yeraltı Şehri)

Tatlarin Underground City

Only two floors of the underground city, which was built by carving a fairly large area, was opened to visitors after cleaning. The other floors are still cleaned and are planned to be opened for visits in the future.

Unlike other underground cities, Tatlarin underground city has large entrance and exit gates. In addition, there are cellars, kitchens, food warehouses and churches that were built in a very large way unlike other cities.

There are 3 skeletal remains in the section called the dungeon by the locals, which is located in the lower part of the niche area. As a result of some investigations in this niche area, it is thought that this area was used as a cemetery in the Roman Period and as a cellar in the Byzantine Period.

Unlike other cities, this city also has toilets. The L-shaped toilets are located not only in Tatlarin Underground City, but also in Saratli and Guzelyurt Underground Cities.

In addition to the sliding door that can only be controlled from one side, there are traps in the narrow corridors of the city, which was built for the main purpose of defense. It is known that these traps were dug in the middle of the corridors at a depth of 2 or 3 meters.

Churches in the Underground City

Churches draw attention in the city structure. These churches are built using Secco and Fresco techniques. Many events are depicted in the frescoes of churches dating to the 13th century. Many events such as the birth of Jesus Christ are featured on the frescoes.

Visiting Hours and Days

It is open to visitors every day of the week except Monday. The city, whose opening time is 08:00, is open to visitors until 17:00. The box office closing time is 16.15.

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