Pamukkale and Hierapolis – Tourist Attractions (4 Videos)

Pamukkale is the most beautiful place to visit in Turkey. Hierapolis ancient city, travertines of Pamukkale, Cleopatra antique swimming pool in Hierapolis, also Hierapolis Archeology Museum. Pamukkale is visited by millions of local and foreign tourists every year. If you like history in the ancient city and museum of Hierapolis, there is a lot of history here. travertines of Pamukkale, you will not find this natural beauty anywhere else.

Denizli is one of the most beautiful and calmest cities in the Aegean region. This city, which has gained a worldwide reputation especially with its roosters, is also famous for its natural beauties. The magnificent Pamukkale travertines, which are unique in the world, have now become the symbol of the city. Not only its natural beauties, but also the fact that it has a deep-rooted history and many different ancient structures or artifacts makes it one of the most frequent addresses for history buffs.


Since it is spread over a very large area, you may have to dedicate your entire day to this area. But what you see and learn will affect you. You will find that the people who lived here 2000 years ago have advanced architectural knowledge and you will be surprised. You can see many works from the amphitheater to magnificent sculptures and specially embroidered sarcophagi in this area, which is organized as an open-air museum.

You can also enter the thermal pool in the ancient city during your visits. This ancient city, which dates back to 2000 years ago and was founded in the Roman period, is right next to Pamukkale. It is extremely well protected as it is on the UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage list.

It is one of the best preserved ancient cities not only in Turkey but also in the world. You can reach this area, which is always subject to intense tourist interest, with an average of 1 hour journey from the center of Denizli.

There is an entrance fee to the ancient city. If you want to enter the thermal pool, you have to pay an extra fee. After you finish your tour of the ancient city, you can also visit the museum here. If you are looking for a place to visit, you will not find a better place than here. There are very nice hotels and restaurants around Pamukkale.

There are also balloon tours and different activities. Especially the balloon tours, which are made very early in the morning, are even enjoyable to watch. To do a balloon tour in Pamukkale, you need to buy tickets in advance. Tickets are sold in many places in Pamukkale.

Travertines of Pamukkale

These thermal pools, which attract the attention of people from all over the world with their magnificent beauty, are especially composed of white colored limestone. It has an unusual appearance.

Since it is a natural thermal pool, you can enter the water when you go to the region. There are two entrance gates to Pamukkale. Before the lower gate, you can visit the traventers, or before the upper gate, you can visit the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Since the water is always warm, even if you go in winter, you can comfortably enter the pool or walk around barefoot. These completely natural travertines are unique in the world. It is a place where those who see it are astonished and will fascinate you with its admirable beauty.

You will definitely not want to return during your visits here during the day. It would be better to go early to avoid problems with both transportation and parking, as it is a crowded area that usually welcomes large crowds.

It was used not only today, but also as a thermal center even in BC, and people from all over the world came here because they believed that they could find healing for different diseases. Since the artifacts exhibited in the museum inside are also located in this region, you can understand how important history this region actually has.

There is an entrance fee to Pamukkale. If you want to visit different museums or ancient cities in Turkey, it would be good for you to purchase a museum card. At the same time, you will have to pay an extra fee to enter some places inside. You should also be careful if you want to walk on the travertines, which have a snow-white surface.

Because it is slippery due to algae and water. At the same time, the fact that some parts have a jagged structure can damage your feet. For this reason, it is useful to be cautious in this regard. This magnificent area, which you cannot find anywhere, should definitely be on your Denizli travel list.

Cleopatra Antique Pools

It is an ancient pool that consists entirely of spring waters and is famous for keeping the same temperature in all weather conditions. The reason why it is called with this name is that it is believed that BC Cleopatra also entered this pool. Entry to the pool area is free. However, if you want to enter the pool and swim, you have to pay a fee. Cleopatra antique pools, swimming here is really different.

The antique pool is usually crowded. Mornings are quieter. The floor of the pool is covered with ancient stones and columns, and you can see the bottom of the pool because it has clean water even in deep places. At the same time, you can feel yourself in prehistoric times while swimming.

It is one of the most ideal places for you if you want to have a pleasant trip and at the same time enjoy both natural beauties and ancient structures.

Hierapolis Archaeology Museum

You can examine all the artifacts found in this region, which has a very rich history and where archaeological studies have been carried out for a long time, in this museum. Sarcophagus tombs, statues, daily items or inscriptions made for important figures of their periods are exhibited in different halls within the museum.

In fact, the fact that the part used as a bath in the Roman period has been converted into a museum adds a different atmosphere to the environment. For this reason, the design and environment you will encounter when you enter the museum may surprise you. You may need to spare at least 1 hour, the museum consists of 3 sections, and you can see the works exhibited in the open area.

You can use your museum card to enter the museum or buy a ticket by paying cash. In the museum, which consists of 3 different halls, sarcophagi are exhibited in the first section, small works in the second section and artifacts found in the Hierapolis theater in the third section.

Also, don’t forget to visit the open area. If you are interested in archeology and history, then this museum is definitely one of the most important places you should see in Denizli.

If you want to visit the whole surroundings, see the Pamukkale travertines and also enter the Cleopatra pool, then you should definitely set out early. Because you may have to spend more time than you think.

This region, which is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists especially in the summer months, is naturally exposed to a serious human traffic. Apart from the people who come by car, especially many tour companies bring tourists here.

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