Aglayan kaya: A Waterfall Famous for Its Trouts

Aglayan kaya waterfall is one of the places to visit in Denizli. Aglayan kaya is one of the most beautiful places to relax in nature. It is one of the best places to eat delicious trout in Denizli.

The facility, which is known to have been established 40 years ago in Denizli Province, is 30 kilometers away from the center. It is known that Aglayan kaya Waterfall is called Sakizcilar Waterfall or Yesildere Waterfall. You can reach the waterfall via the road to Pamukkale.

Aglayan kaya Waterfall

Aglayan kaya waterfall, which is popular in Denizli, not only offers magnificent views to its visitors, but also offers a peaceful environment for those who want to get rid of the noisy and crowded life of the city. The waterfall pouring from a height of 30 meters, which is among its natural beauties, is liked by many people and has a magnificent view that visitors prefer to cool off. Trout is grown at the bottom of Aglayan kaya Waterfall. It is known that the area used as a picnic area is called “Hocanin Yeri”.

Trout Farm and Restaurant

It is visited by approximately 100,000 people a year. Trout production is carried out in the facility, which is the only business in the region and is known as Aglayan kaya. It is one of the places where you can eat trout very cheaply and many people in Denizli prefer this place to eat fish.

Attracting attention with its freshest fish and delicious appetizers, the facility offers different tastes to its visitors who do not like fish. There are meatballs and chicken alternatives on the tile.

Apart from the tastes, there are accommodation areas in the facility where you can relieve the tiredness of the holiday. Completely covered with trees, it is one of the best places to cool off in summer. It is very difficult to find a parking place on weekends as there is more interest. There is no alcohol sale in the facility and it is a very well-kept place.

Doubling the interest in Aglayan kaya Waterfall are the delicious trout. The waters here are very good habitat for trout.

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