Tripolis Ancient City in Denizli

Tripolis ancient city: It is in Buldan District of Denizli Province. It was established on a hillside by the Menderes River in Yenicekent region. Its distance to Denizli Center is approximately 36 kilometers. Ancient historians have different views on the location of the city. Herodotus says that it is within the borders of Lydia. As a different view, there are also ancient writers who argue that it is within the borders of Caria.

Tripolis Ancient City
Tripolis Ancient City

Tripolis Ancient City

Precise information about the founding date of the Tripolis Ancient City has not been reached yet. Although it is said to belong to the Hellenistic Period, there are documents indicating that its foundation was by the Lydians. The ancient city, which was founded under the name Apollonia for the first time in the Hellenistic Period, left its place in the name of Antoniopolis in a short time. During the reign of Emperor Augustus, the name of the ancient city was changed to “Tripolis”.

There are many data showing that the Ancient City of Tripolis, one of the border cities of the Lydia Region, is located at an important geopolitical and strategic point. Although the Ancient City of Tripolis is among the cities of Lydia, it is one of the most important border, agriculture and trade centers providing access to Phrygia and Caria Regions. This feature shows the importance of the ancient city. The city of Tripolis, which covers a large part of the Lykos Plain, is fed by alluvial soils carried by the Lykos Stream and the Menderes River.

The 8-room house with mosaics, which was reached as a result of the excavations in the Ancient City of Tripolis, is worth seeing. The entrance floor of the house is paved with colorful precious stones. The house, which is in a very good condition and astonishing those who see it, is under protection. You need permission to visit this place. Bird figures hanging on the walls of Roman-era houses stand out, indicating that these bird species lived there at that time.

It is among the richest cities of the region with its establishment style and the prevailing understanding of urbanism. Although the buildings used in its architecture belong to the Lydian State, it has features belonging to the Roman and Byzantine Periods. The Ancient City of Tripolis was destroyed by many earthquakes and wars at the end of the 2nd century BC and towards the middle of the 1st century AD. The city lived its most glorious period in the Roman Period.

In addition to public buildings such as Theatre, Stadium, Bath, Gymnasium, Nymphaeum, Agora, which were determined as a result of research studies in the Tripolis Ancient City, there are building types belonging to civil architecture. When you visit the ancient city, you can see the relationship of ancient people with nature, environment, natural resources, urban planning, aesthetics and architecture.

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