Denizli Cable Car, Bagbasi Plateau – Vacation in Nature

The cable car in Denizli has a very beautiful view. In addition, Bagbasi plateau on the hill is one of the touristic places with its nature and clean air. Bagbasi Plateau, which is the greenest peak of Denizli, is one of the wonderful travel destinations. The region, which attracts the attention of visitors with its lush nature and wonderful landscapes, offers many opportunities such as accommodation and camping.

About Bagbası Plateau

To reach Denizli Bagbasi Plateau, it is necessary to take the cable car. For a certain fee, you can take the cable car and travel upwards. It has a beauty that will impress the visitors with its lush green appearance.

Bagbasi Plateau has a very beautiful nature and diverse wildlife worth exploring. In the summer, people who are overwhelmed by the heat come here. It has all the facilities for the visitors to camp and stay. There are also very nice parks and entertainment areas for children.

Bungalow Houses

There are very beautiful bungalow houses on the plateau. In the form of a room and a hall. It manages to fascinate visitors with its wood smell. Bungalow houses are designed in such a way that winter visitors can watch the snowfall and children playing outside. There are air conditioners in the bungalow houses for the visitors who come to the plateau during the summer months. Bungalow houses and environmental cleaning are given great attention in the plateau.

It also pleases visitors with its free breakfast and free parking facilities. This is one of the places preferred by people who want to get away from city life for a while or for vacation. Apart from the bungalow houses on the plateau, there are souvenir shops unique to Denizli.

Denizli Cable car

This comfortable cable car, which makes many contributions to Denizli Bagbasi Plateau in terms of tourism, allows you to experience adrenaline during the journey and helps you reach the plateau. Denizli cable car cabins are 24 in total and take 8 people. It has all the precautions for the visitors to get on and off easily. The cable car is sometimes closed in bad weather conditions.

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