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Mount Ida National Park is the first place that should not be overlooked by those who set out for sightseeing and are looking for a place to visit in Edremit, Balikesir .It has a structure that amazes people, especially with its enchanting view. Fresh air, plenty of oxygen and natural beauties. Sutuven waterfall, which is also in this district, is one of the natural beauties that should be seen. This waterfall gives peace to the audience and is very effective in resting the mind.

Natural Beauties to Visit in Edremit

Mount Ida National Park (Kazdağı Milli Parkı). It is a must go place for people who want to have a picnic, relax and get away from the tiring and hectic routine of the city. The waterfall, which offers a perfect view, and the sitting areas in the water are excellent opportunities for people to both cool off and have a perfect picnic experience.

If you happen to be in Edremit, this park is one of the places you should definitely visit. Even the perfect shape of the trees in the park is enough to fascinate people. These trees are old and fascinating trees. The shade of the trees, which create very suitable areas for picnics in the park, is also gigantic.

Kazdagi National Park
Mount Ida National Park (Kazdağı Milli Parkı)

Sahindere Canyon Picnic Area (Şahindere Kanyonu Piknik Alanı). It is a perfectly decent canyon where you can go for a picnic in all four seasons. It should be the first choice of people who want to picnic and camp. It is a really cool and spacious area for people who want to cool off in the summer heat.

It is one of the areas where you can sit by throwing a mobile chair on the riverside or be enriched with a floor table. In this way, people can walk in the water and cool off with cold water. This canyon, which is generally quiet and calm, will be a good choice for those who want to put aside the exhaustion of city life and listen to themselves.

Şahindere Canyon National Park
Sahindere Canyon Picnic Area (Şahindere Kanyonu Piknik Alanı)

Sutuven Waterfall (Sütüven Şelalesi). One of the places that people who want to breathe nature air and be in touch with nature should definitely go and see is the Sutuven waterfall. This waterfall refreshes even those who are near it with its ice-cold water. On hot days, you can have a picnic near this waterfall and cool off thanks to the waterfall.

The waterfall has a feature that gives people peace as you watch it. Moreover, this waterfall is easy to access. This waterfall, which is at the top of the preferences of barbecue lovers, has also become one of the important sightseeing areas for tourists.

Sütüven Waterfall
Sutuven Waterfall (Sütüven Şelalesi)

Hasan Drowned Waterfall (Hasan Boğuldu Göleti). This is a very beautiful pond formed by a stream. This pond, which is in perfect clarity in the kazdagi national park, has become an indispensable part of the picnic. There are areas to sit in this pond. People who visit this place can both take excellent photos and live in this landscape they have taken.

In addition, this area is a very convenient area to listen to the inner voice of nature and yourself. People who want to be intertwined with nature usually prefer to picnic or camp in this pond. If you want to relax and be in touch with nature, you can visit this pond.

Hasan Drowned Pond
Hasan Drowned Waterfall (Hasan Boğuldu Göleti)

Museums to Visit in Edremit

Tahtakuslar Ethnography Gallery (Tahtakuşlar Etnografya Galerisi). It is a museum that should be visited by people who love historical places and are interested in seeing nostalgic products. This museum, which contains many historical items, is one of the places where many tourists enjoy visiting. This museum has become a museum that the visitor wants to visit again and again, rather than an area that can be visited once.

This museum, which adds a lot to people in terms of gaining knowledge, is an area where different emotions are felt at each entrance and different information is received. There are many items and explanations describing historical events in it that people feel this history as they see and read these items.

Tahtakuşlar Ethnography Gallery
Tahtakuslar Ethnography Gallery (Tahtakuşlar Etnografya Galerisi)

Kazdagi Museum (Kazdağı Müzesi). It is a museum that exhibits the lives of many scientists of history and smells of history. It smells like labor inside. You can see many great people made of wax. This museum stands out with its reminder of the truth. Sculptures made of wax remind you of the real states of those people and surprise you.

In addition, there are local products in it and it offers a local feast to its visitors. Moreover, when you want to visit the museum, it is a nice detail that a guide accompanies you and tells the history in the museum. Moreover, there are also items that describe the characteristics of the region.

Kazdagi Museum
Kazdagi Museum (Kazdağı Müzesi)

Ancient City – Ruins

Antandros Ruins (Antandros Ören Yeri). Antandros ruins, which is a place that should be seen by those who are interested in history, want to learn its history and even feel it in themselves, smells of history. Ancient City: It is known as the place where Paris, the prince of Troy, came face to face with Aphrodite. Known as the Trojan war in history, it is known as the place where the war started.

People who want to visit this ancient city can understand and sense the depths of that history much better if they go by doing a little research about this place before. Although this is an area visited by many tourists, it is generally quiet.

Antandros Ruins
Antandros Ruins (Antandros Ören Yeri)

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