Edremit Beaches – Top 5 Beaches for Swimming

Edremit district of Balikesir province is a district on the Aegean Sea coast and has very beautiful beaches. Antandros public beach, one of these beaches, is a place that people prefer. Another beach that attracts the attention of the people in the region is Altinkum beach. Other beaches on the region are also among the popular areas.

7 Best Beaches in Edremit

Zeytinli Rock Festival Beach (Zeytinli Rock Festivali Plaj). This beach, which is frequently preferred by people who love nature activities such as walking, having fun while traveling and camping, has hosted many festivals and continues to do so. This beach, which is quite crowded during festivals but does not disturb people with its large area, is cleaned regularly and offers a clean beach environment to people.

Cleaning is done regularly after each festival and people avoid exposure to festival garbage. In addition, the service is quite extensive for people who want to set up tents and camp. There are toilet or shower facilities, which are considered as basic needs, on the beach. In addition, there are markets for the different needs of people who want to camp.

Zeytinli Rock Festival Beach
Zeytinli Rock Festival Beach (Zeytinli Rock Festivali Plaj)

Antandros Public Beach (Antandros Halk Plajı). Antandros public beach, which is one of the preferences of tourists and locals who want to swim, is one of the favorite beaches of Edremit district. This beach also draws attention with its proximity to the center of the district. 

The beach also includes many social areas. For example, people can sip their drinks while relaxing on their sun loungers after getting out of the sea. There are also many cafeterias for people who want to sit in a cafe environment. Another nice feature of this beach for sea lovers is that it is wide. Many people can sunbathe, swim or play fun games on this beach.

Antandros Public Beach
Antandros Public Beach (Antandros Halk Plajı)

Edremit Altinkum Beach (Altınkum Plajı). Another popular beach of Edremit district is Altinkum beach. People from many cities of Turkey come to see this beach. This beach is a beach preferred by people even in the morning hours. There are shower cabins on the beach, and thanks to these cabins, people can take a shower whenever they want without interrupting the enjoyment of the beach.

People visit this beach by taking their mobile chairs not only to swim but also to sit and watch the sea. People visit Altinkum beach at night and relax here with the calmness of the sea. Its long pier is also very suitable for walking.

Altinkum Beach
Edremit Altinkum Beach (Altınkum Plajı)

Akcay Pat Camp Beach (Akçay Pat Kamp Plajı).This is a wooded area. The greenery and trees on the beach allow people to come to this beach for a picnic. If you want to have a picnic with your family away from the noise and enjoy the sea, Akçay Pat Camp Beach is one of the best beaches.

On this beach, which is open to many activities, people can play games and have fun with their friends. Those who come for a holiday can enjoy swimming in the warm waters of the sea. The sea breeze dominates the entire beach and is very effective for cooling off. 

Akcay Pat Camp Beach
Akcay Pat Camp Beach (Akçay Pat Kamp Plajı)

Altinoluk Beach (Altınoluk Sahil). This beach, which is open 24/7, is one of the beaches that people prefer to cool off. Regardless of whether in the evening or in the morning, it is very pleasant to take a walk on this beach with your family, friends, people you love. This coastal beach, which hosts beautiful images that are the subject of poetry at sunset, is one of the sunset watching points for people. If you also like to watch the sunset, you can choose this beach to watch the most beautiful state of the sun.

Altinoluk Beach.
Altinoluk Beach (Altınoluk Sahil)

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