Erdek Holiday Region – Beaches and Attractions

The beaches and attractions of Erdek district of Balikesir are one of the places that attract tourists. When it comes to holiday destinations in Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is the Aegean Region. It fascinates those who see it with its magnificent nature as well as its unique history and structures .

The province of Balıkesir, located in the Aegean Region, hosts thousands of tourists every year. The district of Erdek, which is connected to the province of Balikesir, fascinates thousands of tourists with its natural beauties. We have listed the places to visit and magnificent beaches in Erdek district, which is almost a holiday paradise for you. 

Best 3 Beaches in Balikesir Erdek

Buyukova Beach (Büyükova Plajı). Located approximately 25 km from the town center, the beach hosts thousands of people every year. Buyukova Beach offers some nice facilities such as camping with tents around it. Its outer floor consists of fine and soft sands that many people love. The water floor is also covered with fine and soft sand. On the beach, which provides facilities such as showers, toilets and sunbeds for vacationers, there is also a cafeteria in order to meet some needs such as eating and drinking.

Great Plain Beach
Great Plain Beach

Turankoy Beach (Turan Köy Plajı).It is located approximately 17 km from the town of Erdek and its transportation is provided by personal vehicles. There are trees stretching towards the beach. The wooded area is very good for relaxation. Due to its shallow depth, it is very suitable for both children and non-swimmers. The outer surface is completely sand. The water floor is also sand, which is highly appreciated by many. The beach offers vacationers facilities such as showers, sun loungers, parking and toilets. In addition to these opportunities, there is a cafeteria and a market on the beach to meet the needs such as eating and drinking.

Turankoy Beach
Turankoy Beach

Erdek Coast (Erdek Sahili). There are many activities to do on and around the beach. There are businesses such as entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants around the beach. The beach is blue flagged. Enjoy unlimited entertainment at the entertainment venues just across the beach. Apart from these activities, you can take a magnificent walk with the view of the trees, which contain every tone of their unique green color, stretching towards the beach.

Erdek Beach
Erdek Coast (Erdek Sahili)

2 Historical Places to Visit

Kyzikos Ancient City (Kyzikos Antik Kenti). As a result of the researches carried out in the city, which is a very old settlement, the foundation date of the city reaches back to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Ages. It is among the cities with a high level of prosperity of the period. Most people call it Doliona because the oldest community living in this city is Dolions. The ruins of the city, which was destroyed as a result of a great earthquake, fascinate those who see it. 

The entrance and exit times of the museum are the same in all seasons. Visit start time starts at 08.30 in the morning and ends at 17.30.

Kyzikos Ancient City
Kyzikos Ancient City

Kirazli Monastery (Kirazlı Manastırı). Built on the site of an old temple, the monastery was built according to the Orthodox tradition and dedicated to the mother goddess. The Kirazlı Monastery, which was thought to have been built by the Greeks in previous periods and was abandoned in 1922, is highly appreciated by many due to its fascinating structure and garden.

Constructed in about 1895, the monastery was built with 99 rooms. However, later on, the monastery, which was quite large, could not resist time due to external factors. The monastery, most of which was destroyed, is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year.

Kirazli Monastery
Kirazli Monastery (Kirazlı Manastırı)

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