Avsa Island Top 2 Beaches – Balikesir Holiday Island

Avsa island beaches: Especially during the holiday seasons, the islands are among the indispensable holiday destinations for sea and sun lovers. Avsa Island is located within the borders of the Marmara region, which is connected to the Balikesir province of Turkey.

The island, which has a very old history, is also very famous for its beaches and bays, as well as its nature with every shade of green. It fascinates its visitors, especially with its magnificent nature. The transportation to Avsa Island, which hosts thousands of visitors every year, is provided by sea.

There are many beaches on Avsa Island. However, most of them are difficult to access, as well as stony rocky beaches. 

Altinkum Beach

Altinkum beach (Altınkum Plajı). The beach, which is approximately 20 m wide and 300 m long, welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Altinkum Beach, which has clean and clear waters, offers many opportunities to holidaymakers. It offers showers, sun loungers, changing cabins and toilet facilities. Although the outer ground consists of extremely fine and soft sand, there are also small pebbles and stones in some areas. The water floor is also mostly composed of fine and soft sand, with some areas also having stones and gravel.

In general, unlike other beaches in the region, it has slightly cooler waters. Although this feature may seem negative, it is highly appreciated by many people. In addition to activities such as swimming and sunbathing on Altinkum Beach, there are areas for other activities. You can ride bikes in the bike areas and play basketball in the basketball court. At the same time, there are many beautiful places to take a walk around the beach. You can take a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Altinkum Beach
Altinkum beach (Altınkum Plajı)

Cinar Bay Beach

Cinar Bay Beach (Çınar Koyu). It is among the most popular beaches of Avsa Island. The length of the beach is approximately 1 km. It also has the distinction of being the largest bay on the island. The sea, which is shallow for the first five meters, is very suitable for non-swimmers and children. The outer surface of the beach consists of fine and soft sand.

Likewise, the water floor consists of very fine and soft sand. Cinar Bay also offers holidaymakers the opportunity to do more than one activity. At the same time, the beach offers vacationers facilities such as showers, sun loungers, parking and changing cabins. You can have a picnic in the picnic areas on the beach and enjoy the clean and clear waters. 

Cinar Bay
Cinar Bay Beach (Çınar Koyu)

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