Sultan’s Mansion Museum

Sultan’s Mansion museum with its works and architecture is located in Yildirim district of Bursa province. Decorative sculptures in the museum and visuals representing the Ottoman Empire add the most meaningful memories to your Bursa trips. The mansion was used by Sultan Abdulmecid han in 1844. During the reign of the Sultan, this mansion was built as a hunting lodge. This special pavilion, which was completed in a short time, hosted many sultans as guests.

Sultan’s Mansion Museum where Sultans were hosted

This private mansion, which was restored by the Department of National Palaces, was opened to its visitors in 2003 as a museum with its 173-year history. Some decorations in the museum are remarkable. Especially for photography enthusiasts. You can take photos inside and outside the museum and collect unforgettable memories.

Sultan's Mansion Museum
Sultan’s Mansion Museum

What’s in the Sultan’s Mansion Museum?

The surface of the ceiling in the mansion is an artistic work covered with handwork. The mansion with wood and stonework consists of Atatürk room, reception hall, study room, bedroom of Sabiha and Ulku lady, resting and dining rooms. The mansion, which has many rooms, has survived to the present day with its surprising magnificence along with its beauties.

The mansion, which is maintained at regular intervals, continues its life under the supervision of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The mansion is located in the Mollaarap neighborhood, on the pavilion street. The museum, whose opening time is 9:30, closes at 17:30 in the evening. You can visit the historical museum all other days of the week except Monday.

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