Things to do in Koycegiz – 4 Attractions

Koycegiz district of Muğla is one of the places that attract the attention of tourists with the ancient city of Kaunos and rock tombs. In addition, Ekincik bay and beach, which is close to Kaunos, is one of the best beaches for swimming in Koycegiz.

Apart from this, you will see many natural beauties in Koycegiz district. Usually forested areas. If you are looking for different activities to do in Koycegiz: There are very nice walking areas especially around Köyceğiz. Another good activity is to join touristic boat tours and see the beauties around.

Koycegiz is one of the most well-known and quietest districts of Mugla. It will be a wonderful holiday option for you, as it is a typical Aegean town and is also known for its natural beauties and clean air.

Mugla Koycegiz 4 places to visit

Kaunos Rock Tombs (Kaunos Kral Mezarları). This area, where the tombs of the kings of different civilizations that had existed in the region before, are located, will leave you in awe with its special architectural workmanship and extraordinary appearance. If you want to see these magnificent rock tombs, you can go by boats that regularly sail in the region. You can also go with your private vehicle.

Kaunos King Tombs
Caunos Tombs of the Kings

Kaunos Ancient City (Kaunos Antik Kenti). It is a magnificent ancient city that you must see to understand how old the past of the region is. You may have to allocate more time than you think for your visits, as this area, which is full of tombs carved into the rocks on the slopes of the mountains, ancient theaters, columns and ancient walking paths, has a large surface area. It is one of the most important places to see and visit in Koycegiz. For this reason, it should definitely be on your travel plan lists.

Kaunos Ancient City
Kaunos Ancient City
Kaunos Ancient City
Kaunos Ancient City

Dalyan Municipality Caunus King Playground (Kaunos Kral Bahçesi). You can visit this area, where there are structures from ancient times and especially ancient tombs carved into the mountains, whenever you want. You can visit the King’s Garden in the Köyceğiz Dalyan region by boat. You can also see the King’s tombs from afar, which were enchanted by their appearance during the boat trip. There are places such as cafes and restaurants in the park. It is one of the places where you can go especially with your children.

Dalyan Municipality Kaunos King Garden
Dalyan Municipality Caunus King Playground

Ekincik Bay (Ekincik Koyu). It is one of the first places that come to mind when Koycegiz is mentioned. Since it is a magnificent natural beauty where the sea and the beach meet, if you want to spend time in Koycegiz, you should definitely take time to see this bay. It is one of the most ideal places not only to swim in the sea, but also to take a pleasant walk in the forest by taking plenty of oxygen. It is one of the beaches visited by local and foreign tourists from Koycegiz and different places.

Ekincik Bay
Ekincik Bay

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