Izmir Historical District Seferihisar – Ancient City of Teos

If you like historical places, you can visit the ancient city of Teos here. You can also enjoy the sea in Seferihisar district, which has very beautiful beaches. The center of Seferihisar is very beautiful, it is a touristic town and the beautiful views, nature and beach walks are the best things to do here.

Seferihisar is one of the oldest districts of Izmir and one of the oldest settlements in Turkey. This district, which has a history dating back to 2000 BC, is a district known especially for its clean air, green forests and also its magnificent beaches.

When you want to spare time for yourself and enjoy nature, it should definitely be among your choices. For this reason, where are the must-see places in Seferihisar, if you are doing research, you can visit the ancient city of Teos. The best activity to do here is to take a walk near the center of Seferihisar.

Ancient City of Teos

This ancient city, which has a history dating back to 2000 BC, is one of the most important places you should see in the district. The region, which contains the ruins of places used as acropolis, theater and temple, is spread over a very large area. You will not be able to understand how time passes in this ancient city, which you will reach by passing through the olive trees. For a pleasant Seferihisar trip , you should definitely add this region to your travel list.

Teos Ancient City
Teos Ancient City

Teos Ancient Theater

When you go to this region where archaeological excavations are still going on, you can both take a closer look at the history and have a pleasant time among the natural beauties. Some columns and statues standing at the same time beside the ancient theater will give you an idea about the art life of that period.

Teos Ancient Theater

Teos Dionysos

It is one of the most important historical structures of Seferihisar, which has many important historical ruins within its borders and has hosted many different civilizations until today. Since it is one of the most important ruins of the ancient city and it is also easily accessible, you should definitely spare the necessary time to see this region during your visits to the Seferihisar region.

Teos Dionysus
Teos Dionysos

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