Top 11 Places to Visit in Demre

Demre district of Antalya is one of the preferred destinations for holidays with its nature, beaches and especially historical places. In addition to the beaches, underwater diving and boat tours are some of the activities to be done in Demre. Demre is one of the preferred places for culture and history trips. The ancient city of Myra and St. Nicholas Church are some of the best places to visit in Demre.

6 Historical Places To Visit In Demre

Myra Ancient City (Myra Antik Kenti). Is a historical building located in Demre district of Antalya. The Ancient City of Myra, an ancient Lycian city, was established on the plain. B.C The ancient building, which was founded in 168, has also hosted many excavations. The place, which was established on the Myros River, takes its name from here.

The ancient city of Myra is popular with the rock tombs of the Lycian period, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the theaters of the Roman period. There are Lycian inscriptions and coins. You should see the ancient city of Myra, the magnificent old building, and add it to your list of things to see. It is a historical building also known as the “Brightest City”.

Myra Ancient City - Myra Antik Kenti
Myra Ancient City – Myra Antik Kenti

St. Nicholas Church (St. Nicholas Kilisesi). It is also known as the Santa Claus Church. In the Demre district of Antalya, St. Nicholas Church, commemorations are held and the church is visited by many people. You should definitely participate in the commemoration ceremonies, which are very interesting, with your family, friends, or alone, and you should experience this experience.

The church, which was destroyed many times and renovated with renovations, is one of the places visited by thousands of people. Before the New Year, families for their children, St. Nicholas make wishes. It is believed that these wishes come true., thanks to this belief and the magnificent structure of the church, many people visit the place.

st. Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church (St. Nicholas Kilisesi)

Andriake Ancient City (Andriake Antik Kenti). Was used as an important port for cities in ancient times. There are some excavation works in progress in the region, if you come across these excavations, you will have a great historical trip moment. There is also a monumental fountain in the city. The promotional film is shown to the visitors.

After watching the movie, it will be better for you to visit the place in order to understand the historical structure. You can reach by buses.

Andriake Ancient City - Andriake Antik Kenti
Andriake Ancient City – Andriake Antik Kenti

Lycian Civilization Museum (Likya Uygarlıkları Müzesi). Consists of 8 sections. A certain fee is charged to the visitors for the entrance price. Interested and want to see the Lycian Civilizations should definitely visit the museum. An 8-minute promotional film about the Lycian Civilizations is shown to the visitors. You should first watch the informative film and then visit the museum.

There are historical artifacts, information boards, coins, animation presentations in the museum, which consists of eight halls. Do not forget to see the example of a commercial ship from the Roman period after the museum tour.

Lycian Civilization Museum - Likya Uygarlıkları Müzesi
Lycian Civilization Museum – Likya Uygarlıkları Müzesi

Simena Castle (Simena Kalesi). It is one of the historical places in Antalya Demre. It was used in the Middle Ages, it has 7 rows of seats carved into natural rock and there are the remains of a 3000-seat theater. Simena Castle, which has the smallest theater feature among the Lycian cities, also has many grave remains.

Simena Castle (Simena Kalesi)

Simena (Kaleköy) King Tombs (Simena (Kaleköy) Kral mezarları). King tombs are some of the historical structures that have become the symbol of Demre. The construction of king tombs is very difficult even according to the current technology, and this situation increases the interest in historical buildings.

The Simena Kings’ Tombs have many secrets. Embroideries and symbols on the graves tell something, but these secrets are not known. The royal tombs have an interesting and unusual atmosphere.

simena royal tombs
Simena (Kalekoy) King Tombs (Simena (Kaleköy) Kral mezarları)

Best 3 Beaches in Antalya Demre

Tasdibi Beach (Taşdibi Plajı). It is one of the beaches that accompanies a wonderful view in Demre. With its long sandy beach and magnificent view, Tasdibi beach is one of the beaches to be preferred for swimming. It is a calm beach even in windy weather, and with this feature, it is one of the most preferred beaches by people. Tasdibi beach in Antalya Demre district also serves people with restaurants and buffets.

tasdibi beach
Tasdibi Beach (Taşdibi Plajı)

Suluklu Beach (Sülüklü Plajı). It is a sandy beach located in the town center of Demre. Activities such as water sports are also held at Suluklu beach. The view is magnificent and it is a quiet place, you can walk on the beach, swim and play with the waves. You can spend a nice day at Suluklu beach with its calm sandy beach. Suluklu beach is free to enter, but you have to pay a certain fee for umbrellas and sun loungers.

leech beach
Leech Beach (Sülüklü Plajı)

Cagilli Beach (Çağıllı Plajı). Has a pebbly beach and is a place preferred by people with a private car, since it is a little far from the city. We should mention that the beach, which has a beauty that impresses people, will be one of the places you will not forget with its bird sounds and calm environment.

Cagilli beach in Antalya Demre awaits its visitors with its magnificent view for diving and swimming in the sea. With its view that offers a visual feast, you will relieve the stress of the whole year on the beach and relax with the positive energy of the environment.

modern beach
Cagilli Beach (Çağıllı Plajı)

Kekova Boat Tours – Kekova Island

Kekova is one of the known and popular places in Demre. One of the best activities to do in Kekova is taking boat tours. You can see the island of Kekova and the underwater ancient city known as the Sunken City.

Kekova boat tours
Kekova Boat Tours – Kekova Island

Kekova Island (Kekova Adası). Is a rocky island and can only be visited by boats. Some cruise boats have glass windows and you can watch the sunken city from these windows. Kekova Island is a small island with its surface area. Tour guides provide comprehensive information to visitors.

Kekova island
Kekova Island (Kekova Adası)

Demre Bird Paradise

Demre Bird Paradise (Demre Kuş Cenneti). Is a place located in the Demre district of Antalya and has a rich structure in terms of feeding birds. The number of birds is always increasing in the natural wonder, which is home to 149 species of birds. It is very close to the ancient city of Andriake. You can have a pleasant time by going for a walk here.

Kekova island
Demre Bird Paradise (Demre Kuş Cenneti)

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