Seleucia Pieria – Ancient City and Ancient Port

Seleucia Pieria ancient city, whose history dates back to ancient times and the Paleolithic Age, is a city founded on the southern parts of Musa Mountain. B.C. This city, which was founded in 300 years, is on the list of historical places in Hatay and is one of the oldest historical buildings of the city. The city was founded as a capital city by Seleucos Nicator, one of the commanders of Alexander the Great.

Seleucia Pieria – Ancient City and Ancient Port

The ancient city consisted of two separate parts in its early days. Due to its position, it was constantly exposed to external attacks. For this reason, these two sections are surrounded by city walls with a total length of 12.5 km. The harbor is located in the lower part of the ancient city.

The ancient city was destroyed by two major earthquakes, estimated to be 9 or 10, that occurred in 526 and 528. In the following times, the ancient city was moved to a different area.

Many historical ruins come from Seleucia Pieria, which was established as a port city. Among these structures and ruins are the entrance gate of the city, the port, caves, agora and some structures.

The ancient city is of great importance due to the Titus Tunnel built near the city and the rock tombs around it. It is also referred to as Seleucid in the Bible. Therefore, it is one of the important places for faith tourism.

Seleucia – Pieria Visiting Hours

Visited by many, this ancient city is open to visitors every day of the week.
The museum opens to visitors at 08:00.
Museum closing time is 19.00.

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