S.t Simeon Monastery – Historical Places to Visit in Hatay

Monastery of Saint Simeon Stylites the Younger

One of the historical places to visit in Turkey, St. Simeon Monastery is located in the province of Hatay. The monastery, which is accessible from Degirmenbasi Town, is located within the borders of Aknehir Town. It was built on a hill with a height of 479 meters. The monastery was built by St. Simeon, the founder of the order of the Stilites. It is considered a pilgrimage center of the Early Christian Period.

St. Simeon Monastery – Samandag Hatay

Monastery annexes and structures are partially carved into the rocks and built using cut stones. The monastery is built in the form of a cross. It welcomes many tourists both because of its appearance and its story.

The two entrances of the monastery, which has entrances from three different directions, survive to the present day. It is said by many that St. Simeon, who received his religious education at a young age and devoted himself entirely to God, came to this mountain and lived here. S.t Simeon here M.S. He comes in 541 and dies here in 592. S.t. Simeon had such abilities as a healer, and that’s why he was known to everyone. For these reasons, the mountain where St. Simeon lived is called the mountain of miracles.

This monastery, built in the 6th century AD: It is known as the place where St. Simeon lived on a column for 40 years. There are 3 churches, 1 baptistery, an octagonal courtyard, and a column of St. Simeon in the courtyard, which attracts attention.

Around it, there are some ruins that are thought to belong to structures such as a cistern, cellar, kitchen and house.

Museum Visit Times

The museum, which is open every weekday, is also open to visitors on weekends. The box office closing time of the museum, which is opened to visitors at 08:00, is 18.30, and the full closing time is 19.00.

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